9 Unbelievably Useful Tips For New PC Gamers In 2021

Unbelievably Useful Tips For New PC Gamers

Playing games on your PC offers a lot of advantages. First, you won’t run out of games to play since almost all the games are available for PCs. Another advantage is that you can take your gaming to another level and even earn money with it.

PC gaming exposes you to friends online, especially on the Steam platform, where you can buy, connect, learn and interact. You can also play in tournaments, competitions and earn money on Twitch or YouTube playing video games.

But to achieve all these benefits, you must employ some tips from the beginning of this journey. Also, visit https://aimclub.io/ for more tools to ensure a seamless transition from the console to the PC. Afterward, utilize these pro tips below.

PC Gaming Tips for beginners 

  1. Prepare the right tools. 

Do you have enough money to invest in your tools? If the answer is yes, then you must buy a gaming headset, chair, stereo speakers, high-resolution monitor, backlit gaming keyboard, gaming mouse, gaming controller with Bluetooth, smart lighting, webcam, Wi-Fi routers, and UV protective glasses.

The truth is that using the accessories made for gaming will ensure better performance. However, most of these items are expensive, especially if you’re targeting gaming-specific products. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use your normal gears, although the performance will be average. So, decide on what you aim to achieve and consider your budget.

  1. Boost your FPS (frames per second)

Transitioning from console to PC gaming might not be enjoyable if your FPS is not boosted as it should be. When the frames per second are low, your game will become sluggish and frustrating. That’s why you have to increase to play smarter and happier. So some of the actions you must take include turning on your Windows “Game mode,” updating the GPU drivers, setting your mouse appropriately, disabling notifications, using a lower resolution touching the graphics settings too. But most importantly, if your PC is loaded with useless programs, the FPS won’t be high, so delete them and free up space.

  1. Choose a genre 

There are many genres available on PC gaming. Now that you’re joining the great adventure, it’s time to pick the niche you’ll play. Some are simply action-packed, while other combine action and adventure. There are role-playing games and also horror-filled games. Almost every game you can think of is available. So, decide on one right now and gradually upgrade to another genre.

  1. Pick your game vendor.

One great thing about PC gaming is that you won’t run out of games to play. Luckily, there are many platforms online to search, choose, buy, download, and connect with other gamers. But amongst them all, Steam is at the top due to versatility and completeness in everything a PC gamer will require. So, visit the official site and download the app to kick-start the journey. The Steam library can blow your mind, and the connections can scale up your gaming adventure.

  1. Maintain your tools 

Your tools are the hardware that facilitates your gaming. The PC, for instance, shouldn’t go down. Always create a maintenance culture that will keep it up to par. Don’t overuse it or allow it to overheat may be due to a faulty fan. Instead, install another fan to protect it against hot weather. Make sure that dust does not accumulate and back up your files. Moreover, installing antivirus and running updates will go a long way to protect your PC.

  1. Don’t ignore your health. 

PC gaming can be very enthralling, and if you don’t watch it, you might likely ignore your health. Always remember that sitting for hours every day can harm you. So, learn to break up your gaming and also keep water handy to prevent dehydration. Sometimes, take short walks around and allow air to flow into your space.

  1. Mods spice things up.

PC gaming support mods installation. So, why not install them and spice your gaming experience. By using mods, even your games will become better and more challenging no matter how long you play them. Mods allow you to change many things in video games, and that’s one thing you can’t do with a console. You can tweak the look, structure, and gameplay for more excitement.

  1. Learn from pro gamers 

If you feel lost because many games are available and don’t know where to start, why not learn. There are many professionals on Twitch and YouTube rolling out gaming tutorials every day. All you need is to watch them play and learn their style, tricks, and strategies for that game you love.

  1. Build your relationships 

If you’ve been playing games for a lot of time, you’ll know that most games require squads, teams, or duos to play. The point is you might sometimes need someone to play with, and it’s always better to play with familiar people than random partners. So, start now to cultivate relationships that can help you.


All the tips above are important to new PC gamers. The transition might seem herculean since everything will be unfamiliar. But with the information above, you can hit the ground running. Don’t forget the importance of gaming accessories. They can improve your performance.

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