Digital Marketing- Understanding And Best Strategy In 2022

Understanding Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a new weapon in the marketing world that has started to develop rapidly in recent years, along with the rapid growth of technology.

But what exactly is a digital marketing and how best to apply this concept to the world of marketing?

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind about digital marketing?

Is it related to any kind of marketing strategy that involves using smartphones and apps?

Digital marketing is all types of promotional activities that use electronic media. This means that all kinds of promotions carried out using media such as radio and television since decades ago are part of this concept.

So why is the term “digital” in marketing so popular recently? The answer is simple because in recent years the number of users of electronic devices has increased sharply. Smartphones (and the internet) are an integral part of people’s lives.

Marketing itself is basically an attempt to make contact with users or target markets, and we can easily find them on the internet, and finally, the term digital marketing appears.

Digital Marketing Concept

Once again, it should be emphasized that digital marketing is an effort to promote using electronic media, including radio and television. However, for now, this concept is more associated with online promotion efforts.

The following are some of the tactics commonly used in this marketing concept:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Content Marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Affiliate marketing
  • PPC ( Pay per Click)

The various types of digital marketing tactics and strategies above basically have the same goal, namely to promote a product or service to increase brand awareness which in turn increases the number of purchases.

At present, it can be said that every business actor uses this concept to market their products. All of these strategies can be done independently or you can also use digital marketing services.

Advantages of Digital Marketing

Why is this one marketing strategy so popular? Because this strategy offers so many advantages, especially when compared to conventional marketing techniques.

The advantages of digital marketing that can be obtained are:

  1. Affordable Cost
  2. Accurate Measurement of Digital Marketing Results
  3. Digital Marketing to Reach the Ideal Target Market
  4. Digital Marketing Makes the Market More Competitive
  5. Ease of Changing Tactics and Strategies
  6. Digital Marketing can reach a wider target market

Advantage # 1: Affordable Cost

How much will it cost to place an ad in a magazine, newspaper, or billboard?

Compare with the cost of promoting a product through social media accounts such as Facebook or Instagram?

The costs incurred for digital marketing strategies are generally very affordable. This is of course very beneficial for small and medium business owners with limited budgets.

Everyone can take advantage of this marketing technique, and those who haven’t mastered it can also easily learn digital marketing from various trusted sources out there.

Advantage # 2: Accurate Measurement of Digital Marketing Outcomes

How does an advertiser in a newspaper or magazine find out how many people have seen their ad?

This is difficult to know. Much different from digital marketing where you can easily find out how many visitors, the number of conversions, the value of ROI, and so on.

Also, you can evaluate the strategy that has been carried out, whether it is effective or not. Adjustments can be made periodically to provide the desired results at a relatively more affordable cost.

You can measure many aspects of this strategy such as the number of visitors. By using digital software, you can see the number of visitors, the type of device used, the origin, and various other digital information.

This can help in seeing the level of marketing effectiveness used. If there is one strategy that is not satisfactory, then you can choose to stop using it or focus more on improving it.

Advantage # 3: Digital Marketing to Reach the Ideal Target Market

It is difficult to say whether the advertisement in the magazine will reach the target market. Several things can be done in this case, but it can be said that the capacity to be able to reach the target market is much lower when compared to digital marketing.

By using digital marketing, you can ensure that the promotions delivered will arrive in front of the target market. How to?

By using SEO and various other analysis tools, you can find consumers who are searching the internet for topics related to your business. The use of social media advertising can also be used to target markets who may be interested in using your product or service based on various information such as the area of ​​residence, age, and occupation.

The ability to be able to reach a more specific target market like this will lead to more effective and cost-effective results.

Advantage # 4: Digital Marketing Makes the Market More Competitive

In the past, it was difficult for a small business to compete with a large company. Limited funds for promotion is one of the main obstacles.

Digital marketing changes that. Currently, small entrepreneurs have an equal opportunity to compete with competitors. The use of digital marketing at a more affordable cost makes anyone promote their products to attract the attention of potential consumers, both local, national, and even international.

Advantage # 5: Ease of Changing Tactics and Strategies

In classic marketing strategies, it takes time to see the level of success that can be achieved and not much can be done at that time.

Unlike digital marketing, where you can easily see the number of visitors there and make small changes continuously. The ease of making changes and improvising strategies based on incoming results in real-time makes this marketing technique more flexible and profitable.

Advantage # 6: Digital Marketing can reach a wider target market

Today’s smartphone and internet users are no longer limited to big cities. Today’s residents who live in small towns also enjoy the conveniences offered by this technology.

This can be used by marketers to reach a wider target market without having to bother thinking about how to overcome distance barriers.

The increasingly widespread use of social media is also the right place for promotion. This is not only limited to desktop users, but also those who are always on the go and are more dependent on their mobile devices.

Digital Marketing Trends and Their Utilization

What digital marketing trends are currently developing?

Taking advantage of existing trends will provide greater opportunities to win over consumers. The following are some of the digital marketing strategies that are currently in demand and how to use them for marketing needs.

The best digital marketing trends:
  1. Social media
  2. Influencer Marketing
  3. Augmented Reality
  4. Content Marketing
  5. Google Adwords

Trend # 1: Social Media

There is no doubt that social media is one of the most popular strategies in the world of digital marketing. The provider of digital marketing services will inevitably involve social media in any of their plans.

The question is, what social media are currently popular? Promotion purposes can be done in almost all types of social media, but it can be said that Instagram with their Instagram Stories is the current trend.

About 300 million active daily users of Instagram Stories were recorded in November 2017. This means that around 60% of Instagram users take advantage of this feature to share content and stories. This figure is expected to increase in the future, so why not use it for marketing purposes?

To take advantage of it, use an attractive photo layout and make a story that is short, original, and different from the others to attract people’s attention.

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Trend # 2: Influencer Marketing

Why is influencer marketing becoming a growing trend today?

Because this digital marketing strategy feels much more original when compared to advertising. These influencers generally already have credibility. The content they convey feels more personal without being too artificial.

Many people are already bored with the previous types of promotions and influencer marketing is a breath of fresh air because their approach is different from other strategies so it is not surprising that the results are much more effective.

To use this strategy, work with influencers who have the same area as the product or service that you are offering to further increase the credibility of your product and be able to reach a specific target market.

A simple example, to promote new make-up products, work with influencers who are known to share make-up tips, or do make-up tutorials, not with influencers who often share tips about a healthy lifestyle.

Trend # 3: Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality
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Augmented reality (AR) is different from virtual reality ( VR) because it is much easier to use without the need for special tools such as a headset.

Its use is growing in popularity because it is proven to be able to provide entertainment and is much more useful for users. For example, the IKEA Place application from IKEA will help prospective buyers determine the right size of furniture for their respective homes. The use of this application will improve the user experience and is a strategy that is likely to develop in the future.

Currently, several technology companies such as Layar and Augment provide services to create AR features as part of your digital marketing strategy.

Trend # 4: Content Marketing

Online marketing service providers will never ignore the importance of content marketing in their strategy. Quality content is one of the lifelong aspects of SEO.

To take advantage of it, create truly high-quality content that is entertaining, unique, engaging, using the right keywords, and based on in-depth research.

Quality content like this can be included in various channels ranging from social media, blogs to websites. The price of online store websites is now increasingly affordable, so there is no reason for a business to create their online store website and fill it not only with the products offered but also with various quality and useful content.

Trend # 5: Google AdWords

Don’t underestimate the power of advertising like Google Adwords. With the ease of means and materials for learning Adwords, anyone can make their product ad appear on the first page of the Google search engine.

AdWord’s digital marketing strategy has many advantages including the ability to reach their target market at the right time and time, as well as the possibility of a fast ROI as they only have to pay when someone clicks on the ad.

Finally, make sure not to stick to just one strategy and always follow the existing trends to be able to adjust the most appropriate digital marketing strategy to achieve the target.

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