5 Tricks To Keep Your Android Device Protected 2022

Keep Your Android Device Protected

Protecting Android devices is one of the priorities for any advanced user. Fortunately, some security and privacy settings may help you in this process. They will protect the phone data in the best possible way, without the urgent need to install something specific.

Photographs, contacts, passwords, bank accounts, credit cards, etc., there is no shortage of sensitive information on our smartphones. To complicate things even more, you can find a long list of the best phone spy apps for Android if you Google it. So you can’t take the use of the device lightly and must adopt all the appropriate security measures.

Prohibit access to your device

Just like when you leave your house or car, you lock it so no one can get in, you should do the same with your smartphone.

The first thing you need to do to protect your mobile device is to have a strong password. Luckily, the most popular smartphones have more modern security measures such as fingerprint detectors or facial recognition.

Do not forget to activate these essential security measures by accessing your phone settings.

Don’t forget about your smartphone updates

To have secure phone usage, you must always keep it updated. As technology advances daily, hackers, malware, and other harmful elements also get more sophisticated.

To avoid all these modern threats, you must pay close attention to regular device updates. Hence we always recommend brands that take user security very seriously, such as Google, Apple, Samsung, or OnePlus.

Make sure your Internet connection is secure

It is essential to avoid online shopping or any banking transactions while connected to a public WiFi network.

Make sure you use a Virtual Private Network (VPN), as all the information you send over this network will be protected. Besides, try out more tools that will provide strong encryption while solving any daily issue through your PC or laptop.

Use Google Play to download applications

The safest way to install apps and games is from Google Play. The store constantly analyses and approves the applications, so malware rarely sneaks in; therefore, deactivating the Settings > Unknown sources option is advisable.

Carefully manage permissions for applications download

All the applications that can be installed on your smartphone require a series of permissions to work correctly by accessing different functionalities of your device. For example, some applications may ask for permission to access the GPS; others will try to access your image gallery, camera, microphone, etc.

You have to understand which application gets which permissions and why. For example, suppose you accept everything that pops up on the screen when you first start the installation. In that case, everything will be fine if the application is from an official store, which means it has been reviewed in order not to generate any problems for users. But let’s talk about a different situation when you try downloading an app from some random website with the option of verified installations disabled. It will undoubtedly lead to you having some severe stress.

Back up your device

Why is it important to back up your smartphone frequently? Does it need to be explained?

As we have said, you usually store all information on your mobile device, and having it leaked could be a disaster. You can also experience a situation when you want to buy a new phone; even worse, your device might get stolen.

Thanks to the backups stored in the cloud, any user can recover any information quickly as if nothing had happened.

While you can choose any cloud service for this, usually Android uses Google Drive by default, and iOS has a famous iCloud Drive.

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