Trello Hacks For Digital Marketing Agencies- Best In 2022

Trello Hacks For Digital Marketing Agencies

Trello is a Kanban-inspired project management and collaboration app that offers a visual way to organize and prioritize tasks. It allows you to break down big projects into manageable tasks. It features boards that let you categorize projects using lists and cards. You can also add checklists, assign dates, and set deadlines, which will help keep the project on track.

Although Trello is mostly associated with software development teams that follow the agile process, the tool can be used by any team in any industry. Even digital marketing agencies are using Trello to manage various marketing campaigns.

This article reveals some useful Trello hacks that can further simplify your tasks and streamline the workflow.

1. Copy an existing Trello Board instead of starting from scratch.

Trello gives you the flexibility to design your system. For digital marketing, you can either create a board for every campaign or incorporate them into one major project. If you don’t quite know how to create multiple project boards, you can browse through the available templates categorized by industry, design, and project type.

You can copy an existing board that contains elements that match your workflow. You can make changes as you see fit. With so many templates, you’re bound to find one that fits your system.

For instance, Buffer’s Open Blog Editorial board shows the editorial team’s content creation workflow. It helps the team to keep track of the full editorial process, including the content calendar.

Say, if you’re managing SEO for SaaS companies, you can add additional tasks as new lists. In any case, Buffer’s template will get you up to speed on what’s happening—from blog ideas to in-progress to completion and everything in between.

2. Use “watch” if you want to track the progress on the lists, cards, or boards.

Although Trello already makes it easy to monitor the status of projects, activating the “watch” feature ensures you don’t miss critical changes in the workflow. You’ll be notified whenever there’s an activity on board, list, or card.

When team members post comments, add, move, archive cards, or change dates, you’ll know the status in real time.

This is particularly useful when you’re managing multiple campaigns with deadlines so close to one another. You’ll know right away which marketing tasks are moving along nicely and which ones are experiencing bottlenecks. Moreover, you’ll know who’s working on what at a particular moment.

3. Turn your email messages into Trello cards.

A collaboration tool like Trello can help you manage your inbox and be more productive. It’s the perfect solution if you are receiving a lot of email messages that you need to communicate to your team on Trello.

E-mail is still the most common form of communication in the workplace, so you’ll still receive e-mail messages from team members, even if you are all using Trello. If you want to share the content of your email, you can do so by sending it to the Trello board’s e-mail address.

Each Trello board you create has its unique e-mail address. Go to Show Menu and then select More. Click on “Email-to-board settings” and you’ll find the board’s e-mail address. There’s no need to copy-paste or rewrite

4. Share your Trello board information externally.

You can use your Trello boards to share information externally. This makes it easier for teams to collaborate and connect people to ideas. Using Trello’s Power-Up Board Export, you can easily share the content of your board with other parties.  

Data from your boards, cards, and lists can be exported in any of the following file formats: PDF, CSV, Excel, or jpg. This works particularly well when you need to share data with top management as part of a presentation.

However, be careful about sharing information as it can be exposed to people who may use it for nefarious reasons. The disadvantages should be weighed against the benefits before implementing a sharing strategy for your Trello board.

5. Use Trello Power-Ups and integrations to add more features to your boards.

Trello allows you to create customizations to your boards, cards, and views using Power-ups. They add functionality to your boards by integrating them with external apps. One of the most powerful features of Trello is its integration with social media.

If you have a team of social media experts, Power-Ups can make tasks much easier to manage because of automation. They are a great way to streamline your social media content creation.

For example, Trello’s Twitter Power-Up allows your team to handle support issues and manage community engagement directly from your Trello Board.

Another great Power-Up is Blue Cat Reports, which generates reports and visualizes data extracted from your boards, cards, and checklists. Tasks that are spread across multiple Trello boards are captured and presented in a visually appealing and easy-to-understand report.

It’s also possible to integrate Instagram into Trello, where you can post content directly from your Instagram account. So, if you have an Instagram hashtag campaign, you can better manage the content and keep track of the workflow without having to switch apps.

6. Remove Trello Board clutter with Card Snooze.

Organizing a large project with a team on can create a lot of clutter. The Board can become so cluttered that important tasks are difficult to find. Card Snooze is a Power-Up on the platform that will allow you to delay notifications from those cards for an unlimited amount of time until you’re ready to revisit them.

This feature will also help you declutter your board by removing those cards from your sight and allowing you to focus more on what needs immediate attention instead. Just add the Card Snooze Power-up to your Board and you can snooze and unsnooze cards as you see fit.

7. Celebrate milestones with Trello’s virtual confetti!

Every team achievement calls for a proper virtual celebration. For example, when an article gets a featured snippet on Google, an email marketing campaign generated thousands of quality leads, Instagram content gets a top post on a popular hashtag, or a Facebook ad generated sales.

The digital confetti feature is here to help you celebrate even the smallest of milestones. It creates a virtual shower of confetti for every win, big or small. This can boost team morale and can energize members to take the project to the finish line.

To activate the confetti effect, add an emoji to your completed task List. If you’re using Windows, press the Windows key + period to display the emojis. You can add any of the following emojis: confetti ball, party popper, sparkle, or sparklers.

 Transfer the task to the completed List and watch the confetti drop!

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