Top 10 Apps Popular With Students In 2021

10 Apps Popular With Students

Smartphones are an integral part of students’ lives. We’ve stopped perceiving phones as a way of entertainment long ago because nowadays people use smartphones to obtain new knowledge, to assist themselves with some tasks and even work. Even though people who are studying for a degree made this choice independently, they may get tired, and it’s okay.

There are a lot of apps that were designed to assist students. Today we want to show you the list of popular apps. It won’t consist of educational software only — we just learned what students like and want to share this information with others.

We are sure that 80% of the people reading this article are school graduates. College preparation is an exciting time, but there’s one aspect you should bear in mind — the academic load. Students often can’t cope with it, so they opt for academic assistance to get free term papers and other assignments. Certain papers, such as anthropology essays, pose a difficulty for the majority of college students. Accounting essays are no better and no easier than other subjects, and they make even the most diligent individuals order papers.

These services are at the top of popularity with students. But let’s check ten others:


You may think Instagram has nothing in common with studies. You are partially true, but this app is nowadays the most popular social media where people exchange messages, post photos, and even get useful content. Let’s not forget that social media is among the platforms where people post educational information. There are a lot of educated professionals who want to share their knowledge and decided to become bloggers.


Living without cloud storage services in 2021 is hard, even if you aren’t studying in college. The inbuilt memory in smartphones and laptops may not be enough to store all educational materials, but it’s so convenient to have access to them at any time that people prefer using cloud storage. Flash drives are losing their popularity: you constantly need to remember to take them, whereas cloud storages are in your phone. Dropbox lets you synchronize your storage and access it on all your devices.

Exam Countdown

It’s easy to get lost in days when you’re a student. Those who haven’t studied in college won’t understand the feeling when you have a lot of information to keep in mind. The examination schedule is a thing all students want to forget, but it’s not a suitable option. Exam Countdown lets people keep track of all upcoming exams and start preparing for them in advance.


Since the COVID-19 pandemic has adjusted an educational process, Zoom managed to become one of the most downloaded apps around the world. This website lets people organize videoconferences, webinars, and meetings. But Zoom was used not for educational purposes only. Some students opted for this app to keep in touch with their loved ones when inter-city travel was impossible.


Apps like Photomath are useful for all students who study math and other similar disciplines. All you need is your smartphone camera and the problem you need to solve. Install the app, scan the problem and wait till the app finds a solution. The functions of Photomath were enough to make it one of the most downloaded apps.


Almost 20 million people subscribed to the TED channel on Youtube. But students prefer downloading this app to their smartphones and watching educational videos while getting to campus from home and when they have some free time.


More and more students stop writing notes by hand. Smartphones and laptops are perfect devices to take notes during lectures. The only thing you need is good software, and Evernote is the perfect app you need. It lets you add images, photos and save your notes in different formats to access on any device.

Google Classroom

Google Classroom also became popular during the pandemic. This app lets teachers give assignments, grade them, and give feedback to students. It’s hard to find an educational app that will work well, have a lot of useful functions and is free and has no ads at all. More and more teachers prefer to use Google Classroom even during full-time studying because it means they have less paperwork.


You can be a professional in essay writing but still make mistakes and prevent you from getting high grades. Grammarly is an app that helps to make any writing perfect: it detects spelling and formatting mistakes, helps to polish a grammar and stylistic, and creates a text that’ll sound well for a specific audience.


Do you like learning with someone because you feel lonely? Join thousands of people from your country and from all over the world, get access to the huge library of sources, and obtain knowledge together. GoConqr has flashcards, mind maps, notes, quizzes, slides, and other materials. Even though students mostly access it on laptops, it’s still one of the most downloaded apps on smartphones.

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