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Tips for Successful App Development

Mobile internet users are increasing by millions every day and that is why it has become one of the favourite platforms of entrepreneurs to promote their business, generate revenue, and others. Business owners ask to develop mobile apps due to the several dynamic offerings.

Billions of mobile applications are being developed every day but many of them fail to survive in the market and disappear. The development of a successful mobile app requires a well-designed strategic plan that includes all the critical steps beginning from coming up and validation of the app idea to proper launch and marketing of the app.

This article will discuss the 10 essential tips that you must know for developing a successful mobile app.

Coming Up with the Idea of the App

In entrepreneurship, the most difficult step is to get started. The journey of a successful product is always stimulated by a problem and the need for solving the same. The key to developing a successful mobile app is also the same; it identifies a problem and then analyses how it can be solved by developing the app.

After identifying the problem, you must begin analyzing it, you have to identify the causes and how you can design your app such that besides solving the issue it also makes your customer’s life easy and productive. You can identify a problem from your own experience as well as observations from other’s experiences.

Validating the Idea

Validating your idea before starting the development is very essential. The success of your app will be determined by its validity and viability. You must first research whether there is a need for your product in the market and whether your targeted customers are ready to accept your solution by leaving what they already use.

Validating your product provides better clarity in the long run. You should communicate with your targeted customers and know the target demographic. It will also help you to identify which mobile platform you must choose to develop the app iOS or Android.

Defining the Product with Minimum Viability

You must identify what features you will launch in your first version as a solution to your identified problem. The first version should offer the core values of your app i.e. the ‘must-have features’; extra features should be included in the later updates.

UI Designing

The UI design of your app will determine the user experience. So, undoubtedly it is an important thing. Wireframes and prototypes need to be fancy because those are the things user experience and interface design depend upon. Sketching your app’s framework on a piece of paper may help.

It is better to focus on aesthetically pleasing design for a better user experience. A good user experience will increase the success chances of your app on the app store.

Developing the App

Besides providing clarity to your hired app developers, prototyping makes the development of the app easier and it also helps in communicating your desired specs to the developers.

It is better that you outsource the app development to a mobile app development company based on your available resources because staying away from the core coding process will help you in paying attention to other aspects of the business. No matter whether they have a technical background or not it is preferred by most of the founders to hire a team of app developers to develop the app. Big Drop can help you in app development.

Launching the App

After completing the development and testing of your app it’s time to launch it in the app store. Your app will become successful only if it reaches your targeted users. Many apps are launched in the app store but most of them remain undiscovered by users.

To ensure that your app reaches the limelight you need to take the help of ASO that will make your app easy to search by using relevant keywords.

Marketing and Promotion

There are many communication channels available like social media pages, your website, and a blog that you must use during the early stages of app development to promote your app. To get people to know about your product and find stakeholders who are interested in investing in your app you need to create a buzz around the product.

Promotion should be a part of your market research and must involve reaching target customers through appropriate market channels. The first batch of target customers is your early adopters who will test your app and provide valuable feedback that you can incorporate in your next version. You should allocate a fixed budget for the promotion purpose.

Utilizing the Feedbacks and Updating

Feedbacks are very crucial. Many speak about the importance of customer feedback but only a few realize the depth of it. According to Forbes, feedbacks are an essential part of your marketing process. You can put your business ahead of your competitors by using honest feedbacks and give the audience what they want. Contact your early customers and get their feedback because their feedback is the best thing that will help you update your app and provide the missing features in the next updated version.

Performing Analytics and Utilizing the Feedbacks

Developing a successful mobile app requires various revisions and incorporations of new features. You have to keep track of the app downloads and collect necessary metrics related to app performance by using proper analytics. You should use the user feedbacks to identify which areas of your app are causing issues and which areas are having maximum interaction with the users and whether the overall functionality of the app meets your expectations.

You should work on the identified issues if any and rectify them to improve the app functionality in future updates.

User Engagement

The app development process does not end with the above steps. You need to keep users engaged by providing true constant value. Due to lack of engagement users end up uninstalling your app. You should keep your users hooked on your product by giving them incentives.


These are the 10 essential tips for developing a successful mobile app and maintaining it. We all know that business is not a cakewalk it involves many ups and downs and it has a huge amount of competition. You can win the competition by utilizing the tips discussed above.

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