Tips For Starting Out In Character Design- Best In 2021

Starting Out In Character Design

Drawing is a great way to explore yourself, your inner world, noticing interesting and vivid features inherent in an individual.  One of the ways to learn is to see these features to draw something invisible and, without any doubt, it will be beautiful. If you draw a cloud, try to encompass its size and color.  You look at an object, recreating its image in your imagination, copying the image in which your brain adds details to this object.  So you can train yourself to draw what you see.

Another way to learn how to identify images is to copy the work of masters whose work is mesmerizing.  During the copying process, you can pay attention to details, lines, colors, strokes and analyze why they put the color in that way. By studying and analyzing it in this way, you will later create your style painting using it in your works. hire character designers by Kevuru Games

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Features of character creation

The creation of character largely depends on the scope of its application in the future.

It is important to visualize who these characters are, how they communicate with them, how they work.  Will it be funny or awkward? At the final stage, when it is necessary to polish and make the final actions, some points should be considered in the application of this character in a particular area.  For example, for television or film, it is important to draw a character from different angles and positions so that you can view it from all sides, but it is not required for a children’s book.

What are color and lighting influenced by personality traits?

If you imagine a villain,  it is more likely that he will appear before you in black, blue, and purple.  There is an ominous color palette commonly used for negative characters.  But if this is a good hero, as a rule, light ones are chosen, a good hero wearing these colors, it shows well, it works.  When it comes to lighting a villain, it all depends on how he is expressed.  If he has a sinister smile and is malevolent, you use a flash of light and convey the struggle of feelings on his face.  Lighting with a distinctive color palette defines hero and villain quite well.

If you draw a hero, perhaps they will have a more heroic pose, and the lighting will come from the top left or top right.  It is good to use soft light without harsh shadows.  If it is a wizard, he may have a streak of light on his face or something in darkness or shadow that adds magic to him.

What are color and lighting influenced by personality traits

Source of new ideas

Life is the best inspiration.  It is especially when you deliberately try to look for it.  Step away from your computer and go into real life, enjoying every moment presented to you.  Something will happen.  Someone will say the way they say that expression and body language can trigger a new idea.  In life, it is easy to notice the gestures and body language of familiar and unfamiliar people.  All these moments should be drawn in your sketchbook, the sketches can help bring images to life and become a tool for creating new ideas.

For those interested in a career in drawing distinctive designs

It would be nice to know practical human anatomy.  It helps you build a character from it.  If you understand the physiological proportions of the human body, it is easier for you to get it where you can slightly increase and exaggerate in size.  If you don’t know human anatomy and try to change it to create your character,  you will finish with a cartoonish and ugly character.

Being able to communicate and visualize your feelings is welcomed in a distinctive design.  It is important to understand emotions and expressions.  People want to have an emotional connection with the characters you paint.  Perhaps this is the significant part of you entering the world of distinctive design.

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