Best Tips For Organizing Your Home After The Move In 2021

Tips For Organizing Your Home After The Move

Moving Day: It’s finally here, but the decision to move cross country hasn’t been easy. The moving process takes months of planning and execution. You’ve made dozens of lists, sold unwanted items, and made repeated trips to Goodwill. But as the movers arrive to pack up the last things from your former home, you wonder if you’ve thought of everything.

Sound familiar? To help settle your nerves and get you settled into your new space, here are some tips for organizing your new home after the move:

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Deep Clean Before You Move In

Take time to clean your new home before the movers arrive. Set aside a bucket or plastic carrier filled with cleaning supplies that you can carry along with the extra overnight bag you packed. Wash down cabinets, mop floors, and vacuum or shampoo carpets before the furniture arrives. Unpacking boxes will become less of a chore if you aren’t having to clean as you go when placing dishes and cookware in cabinets. If you’re unable to clean before moving, consider hiring a cleaning service. Moving into a freshly, cleaned home should be a top priority before bringing any of your belongings into the new place.

Get Utilities Connected

Several weeks before moving, review your moving out the checklist and arrange to have your utilities transferred to your new address. Before moving day, write down the name and phone number of your service provider so that you can confirm installation appointments. If you are renting, some places have temporary utilities in place, but you’ll only have a few days to get these services transferred into your name.

Check out service providers in the area and shop for cost-saving opportunities through bundled services such as cable, internet service, and phone. Installation is usually quick and hassle-free for bundled services, which is a necessity for remote workers who need to be up and running sooner than later.

Organize One Room at a Time

Make sure you have labeled all boxes according to which room they belong. Have your movers place the boxes in their respective places so that you don’t have to search for things later. Take one day or an hour at a time to work on each room and organize it according to your tastes. Unpack boxes and keep some empty boxes handy for discarding any additional items that you may not want.

Although you probably purged before moving day, you’ll be surprised at how much you may decide to get rid of after the unpacking begins. Take a few minutes after each room is set up and enjoy a celebratory moment. You’ll stay motivated and inspired as each step moves you closer to a home ready to be lived in.

Update Your Vehicle Registration and Driver’s License

You have a timeline to get this done, so the sooner, the better. Check with your state for the requirements and then make plans to update your vehicle registration and driver’s license. While you are taking care of essential errands, make sure to include a visit to a local bank for setting up a new account. Explore grocery stores, home stores, and other shopping venues that you’ll frequent in your new city. Add finding a healthcare provider and dentist to the top of your list as well. Plan for a week or several days that you’ll need to get settled in.

Consider these tips for organizing your home after the move and you’ll find that the process goes much smoother. Take care of necessary errands and updates early. Be sure to unpack in an organized manner that allows you to step back and survey your progress as you take things one step at a time. Cheers!

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