9 Best Tips for Choosing Vehicle Shipping Services in 2023

As of last year, there were approximately 4,848 vehicle shipping businesses in the United States. Many vehicle owners use these companies to ship their cars around the country.

However, finding a highly-rated shipping company can be difficult with the many options available.

Shipping your vehicle with a reputable company will ensure delivery is done safely and efficiently.

Continue reading for tips on how to choose the best vehicle shipping services in 2023!

1. Companies Available

As previously mentioned, there are many car shipping companies in the United States. Therefore, you must start researching which are available in your area. Doing so will help cut down costs since they will be delivering out of their area.

Remember, not all shipping companies are available for hire. Many only transport vehicles privately, meaning you must look for public transport.

Once you have a list of companies in your area, you can contact them to check on their availability. Let them know what dates you’re needing your vehicle picked up and dropped off. They will let you know when they are available and can work with your delivery dates.

Make sure you keep your options open to further investigate. It’s not a good idea to choose the first company that has availability without further research.

2. Reviews

Another great way to narrow your choices on a vehicle transport company is to look up their online reviews. Doing so will give you insight into the quality of work the company does altogether. You can find company reviews on sites like Angi, Google, or Yelp.

Search for each company individually and read every comment carefully. You should eliminate any options with mostly negative feedback. Doing so will keep you from hiring a company with poor customer care.

Pick a few companies with high ratings. Read their reviews to see where they exceeded expectations. Use this information to see which companies will best suit your needs.

3. References

Using a company’s references is a smart way to learn more about how they treat their customers. Contact each company and ask for a list of references.

They should not hesitate to give you this contact information. However, you should be concerned if they refuse to give you this information. It would also be a good idea to consider other options if they sound shady about this request.

After receiving the list, you can contact a few of their previous customers. Usually, you should contact two or three of their clients to get various opinions. Doing so will give you different customer experiences on which to base your decision.

Once in contact, explain your interest in the shipping company. Then ask about each customer’s transportation experience. You should also ask if they would recommend their services or choose another option.

Don’t forget to ask anything else you may be wondering about. Thank them for their time and recommendations.

4. Pricing

Pricing is a huge factor when you’re considering transporting your vehicle. You’ll need to set a budget beforehand to keep you from overspending.

Take all aspects of shipping into consideration when setting a budget. Remember, the cost will depend on the distance, vehicle, and labor.

Once you have a realistic budget, you can contact each company to see their pricing. Oftentimes, they will give you a quote based on your needs. You can also use tools like this car shipping rates calculator to get general pricing.

You can then use this quote to pick the option that best suits your budget. However, some companies offer competitive pricing, meaning you can use these quotes to get the best price possible.

5. Insurance

Your vehicle will be in the care of the shipping company during the entire delivery trip. However, accidents can happen and damage could be caused to your vehicle at any time. Therefore, the shipping company must have insurance policies in place for these situations.

Before choosing a company, ask to see their insurance policies. These should be professionally drafted and look legitimate. You should choose another option if the company has no insurance policy that would protect your vehicle.

Most shipping policies will hold the company responsible for any damage and repairs that occur while in their care. An insurance policy could keep you from paying thousands of dollars in repairs.

6. Experience

Experience is another factor to consider when hiring an auto shipping company. An experienced company will know the techniques needed to secure your car for transportation. They will also understand how important it is to keep your car safe under all circumstances.

Remember, shipping vehicles is a serious task that requires the driver’s full attention. An experienced company will train its employees to be precise and safe at all times.

7. Shipping Options 

Before hiring a company, you should decide how you’d like your vehicle to be shipped. Most vehicle shipping companies offer various options to cater to their customer’s needs. Some common delivery options include:

  • Open carrier
  • Enclosed carrier
  • Multi-vehicle trailer
  • Door-to-door shipping
  • Terminal-to-terminal shipping

Each option has different benefits and price points. For example, an enclosed carrier is more expensive than an open carrier but protects from the outside elements.

8. Motor Carrier Number

It’s always important to ensure the company you hire is a legitimate business. Doing so can keep you from being scammed. The best way to check a company’s legitimacy is to see if they have a valid motor carrier number.

These numbers act as identification numbers to protect against fraudulent companies. Always ask to see their motor carrier number before hiring a company. You may be dealing with a deceitful company if they fail to give proof.

9. Estimated Delivery Time

You can also compare your options by their estimated delivery times. Some companies may be quicker or slower, depending on their schedule. However, if you have a delivery deadline, you will need to choose the option that best suits your needs.

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Tips for Choosing Vehicle Shipping Services 

These tips for choosing vehicle shipping services will ensure your car is handled professionally. Always look up reviews and check each company’s certifications.

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