The New Facebook Web Interface With Dark Mode is Rolling Out

Facebook web with dark mode1
Facebook web with dark mode
Facebook web with dark mode

The new Facebook web interface, the one announced during the last F8 conference, is finally in the distribution phase and has been reaching users for a few hours. The first testimonials show us a completely renewed Facebook, both in the layout and in the design such as there are repositioned elements, new tabs, and a new graphic, and above all, support for the Dark mode to have the entire interface in black instead of White.

The roll-out of the new Facebook web interface has started in the UK and will take a few weeks before it reaches all users globally. If you get the chance to test this look on your computer, don’t expect it to automatically appear on your mobile phone. We were unable to force the mobile version on a computer. Facebook thus tests the feature only for computers, which is quite strange.

The question is how quickly development and testing will continue. Perhaps we will soon see support for the mobile app. On a computer, the dark look looks good, but it is more essential on smartphones.

Unfortunately, you have to wait patiently because there is no way to force it. When it arrives, a pop-up will appear when Facebook opens, inviting you to try it. So, do you like it better than the current one?



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