The Best iPhone Transfer Software In 2022

What iPhone transfer software can do?

With years of use, your iPhone can have lots of data such as photos, videos, contacts, and messages. A powerful iPhone transfer software can help you to transfer and share your data between different devices, like transferring data from iPhone to PC, from PC to iPhone, and iPhone to iPhone.

Generally, an outstanding iPhone data transfer tool can be used for the following purposes.

  • Backup iPhone data: Although Apple provides iCloud, the storage is limited. Besides, lots of users want to transfer important data to the PC as a second back in case something goes wrong.
  • Manage and edit data: If you want to print contacts from iPhone, or edit iPhone photos on a computer, Firstly, you need to transfer them to your computer.
  • Transfer data to another iPhone: When you buy a new iPhone 14/13, you need to migrate everything from the current data to it.

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The best iPhone transfer software-FoneTool

When it comes to iPhone data transfer, iCloud and iTunes may be the first choice for some people. However, backup and restore with iTunes and iCloud are completed, so some users can encounter an issue because of incorrect steps. Sometimes, even worse, some important data can be lost.

Thus, you will want an easy-to-use and powerful iOS data transfer tool to manage and share iPhone/iPad data. FoneTool is such a tool. It is a comprehensive iPhone data transfer software using an intuitive interface. It gives various features lettings you from files from iPhone to PC, as well as transferring PC to iPhone.

It supports transferring music, contacts, contacts, photos, videos, and so on by simply following its instructions. Besides, FoneTool comes with many benefits and features as follows:

It gives fast transfer speed. It is important for transferring a large amount of data between a computer and a PC. It will save you a lot of time.

Preview and selective transfer: Before transferring, you can preview your files and choose specific items. For example, you can choose only one album of photos on a computer.

No Apple ID limits: You can transfer data from one iPhone to another iPhone using a different Apple ID.

Transfer files to external storage devices: You can specify a transfer path on your computer or external disk. So if you need, you can backup photos to Synology NAS / HDD / SD card.

Full compatibility with all iOS devices: FoneTool perfectly works with iPhone 14/13/12/11/X/8/7, iPad, iPad Pro, Air, Mini, and iPod Touch. And it supports the latest iOS 16 and older versions.

The Steps to transfer data from iPhone to PC vice visa with FoneTool

Here we would like to show you how to use FoneTool to transfer data. We show transferring data from iPhone to PC as an example.

Connect your iPhone to a computer and download and install FoneTool. Follow the steps below.

Step 1. On the FoneTool. Click the “Phone Transfer” option on the left pane. Move the mouse to “iPhone to PC”. Click “Start Transfer”.

The Steps to transfer data from iPhone to PC vice visa with FoneTool


  1. To transfer everything from iPhone to iPhone, you can choose iPhone to iPhone in the “Phone Transfer”.
  2. You can also choose “Phone Backup” > “Full Backup” or “Selective Backup” to backup iPhone to computer without iTunes and iCloud.

Step 2. Click the “+” icon to select files. You can choose the specific items on your iPhone in this window. Then click “OK”.

The Steps to transfer data from iPhone to PC vice visa

Step 3. Click the “Start Transfer”. Then you can set a transfer path and other settings on Transfer Settings. Click “Transfer” to send data.

The Steps to transfer data from iPhone to PC vice visa1

When the transfer is completed, the files you selected will be saved on your computer. If you want to transfer data from a PC to an iPhone. You can choose “Phone Transfer” > “PC to iPhone”.


A trustworthy iPhone data transfer software is important for iPhone users. In many cases, you will need to share data between your iPhone and PC. FoneTool is such a tool enabling you to easily transfer photos, videos, contacts, music, etc. between iPhone/iPad and computer.

Apart from transferring data, FoneTool is also an all-in-one iOS data management software. You can manage your iPhone with various tools like “Photos Deduplication”, “HEIC Converter”, “and iPhone Eraser”.

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