How To Test Your Internet Speed- Best Ways In 2022

Best Ways To Test Your Internet Speed

Testing your internet speed has never been easier because of several web services that exist primarily to try just that. But there is plenty of ways to try to do it and not all of them offer you equivalent information.

A site that only measures speed when your problem has got to do with stability isn’t especially helpful. It’s great that there are numerous options, like Speedcheck, Speedtest, and, but those don’t necessarily make it easy to settle on. So allow us to help find out which one’s best for you.

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What do these numbers mean?

Before you jump into testing, you would like to understand what the info these sites spit out at you means. There are three basic figures you will see on many speed testing sites, with most sites differing in how they contextualize them: Download speed, upload speed, and latency.

Download speed

As the name suggests, this measures how quickly your network can retrieve data from a server in megabits per second (or Mbps), and for many people, this is often the large one. If your download speed is low (think within the single digits), it’s hard to try too much of anything on the fashionable internet.

You need a solid, stable download speed of 10 to 25Mbps on the low end for painless web browsing, streaming, gaming, and anything. the upper, the higher, during this case.

Upload speed

As you’d possibly imagine, upload speed (also measured in Mbps) is how quickly your network can send data outward. the majority of home internet services give users how smaller upload speed than download speed because it is not as necessary for everyday tasks for several people. it’s vital for streaming, gaming, and uploading videos, but many of us can a minimum of getting by with an upload speed of 5 to 10 Mbps.


Lastly, latency is that the time it takes (measured in milliseconds) for a sign to travel from your computer to a different than back again. If you have ever experienced lag while playing online video games, that was the result of high latency. Some sites instead measure “ping,” which is that the same thing but without a trip. In other words, ping is how quickly a sign goes in one direction and latency is how quickly it goes in both directions.

1. Speedcheck


One of the foremost well-known ways to clock your internet speed is this is often the one I’ve personally used for years because it’s fast and takes just a couple of seconds to inform you whether or not your network’s busted.

Speedcheck has access to an outsized number of servers around the country and you’ll manually choose which one you would like to use for testing supported its proximity to you. Closer servers will offer you better results, just in case you were not aware. After 10-15 seconds, you will have a basic idea of what your download/upload speeds and ping appear as if at that moment. It’ll also keep track of all of your test results over time if you’re curious about that kind of thing.

If you’re battling poor internet speeds, Speedcheck will allow you to know. That said, poor speed isn’t the sole way your internet can fail you.

We hope you never need to do this because handling ISP customer support has always been a hassle, even within the better of times. But if you are feeling your internet features a problem, any of those three sites will offer you an excellent thanks to a minimum of diagnosing it.

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