How To Teach A Smartphone To Change Your Voic-: Best Methods 2021

Teach A Smartphone To Change Your Voice

Everyone has ever wanted to play a prank on the phone, talking to a friend in a different tone. For example, to turn into a celebrity of the opposite sex. Nowadays, many programs and audience sound software will help you change the sound beyond recognition.  So how to change the voice on the phone? Let’s consider such programs in detail.

Voice Converter

This Converter will change speech beyond recognition. The simplicity and ease of this program’s use will not leave anyone indifferent; the time will be fun and fervent. More than 40 filters are available. You can put many options on the audio file – robot, monster, alien, dark cyborg, giant, demon, villain, and listen to your tone backwards. You can create a video card for a holiday to relatives, birthday, or to congratulate colleagues at work. Thisprogramwillappealtoeveryonewithoutexception.


  • Share your creation (messenger, email, etc.);
  • save a recording to your phone;
  • set a ringtone and notifications;
  • create an image with a talking text (for example, a holiday greeting);
  • import pre-recorded audio;
  • create a speech from a text written by you;

Voice Changer by Lock Screen

Convenient, fast modulator for changing tones. There are such masks as robots, chipmunk, child, older man, phone, underwater, the devil in this program.


  • sound replacement, overlaying special effects;
  • loading the audio track from the device, editing;0
  • listening to earlier recorded audio, changing them;
  • share the recording in social networks or via Bluetooth;
  • microphone for karaoke.

AV VoiceChangerDiamond

Many experts recognize the tool as the best voice changer program. Its functionality is really impressive. Fine-tuning, according to the developers, can help even in seducing the opposite sex.

By the way, the software works not only in real-time, but it can also be applied to recordings, including songs (only vocals change), saved conversations, and so on.

AV Voice Changer Diamond features a lot of effects. Voice Comparator feature can be used to fake the voices of celebrities. You can download more filters from the developers’ site.

Voice Modulator

Fast, interesting modulator for speech conversion. Applying any effect to the recorded audio, the result will please. Very easy to use, with animated characters.

The modulator will be fun not only for adults but also for children. Many different functions, such as older man, kid, animals, horror movie, alien, nervous, robot, broken language, bee, Martian, chorus, etc.


  • save a file, apply any mask;
  • apply a sound filter to the recorded sound;
  • View and edit your audio files;
  • send via Bluetooth and social networks.

Fake Voice

Fake Voice is a surprisingly easy-to-use program that has impressive functionality. With it, you will be able to speak in a way that your friends or relatives will hardly recognize you. You can use the app both when communicating via messenger via webcam and during an online game. Change your voice from male to female, speak like an alien, etc. All this is configured in a couple of steps.

Voice FX (change recording with different filters)

Voice FX application converts the sound into unrecognizable sound quickly, easily, and with high quality. You can listen to the modified file live. Broadcast to media players, web browsers are available.


  • speech creation, mask overlay;
  • listening to the variant with changes in real-time;
  • saving, sending recordings in the social network;
  • setting audio to the ringtone, notifications.

Scary voice changer

Sounds from horror movies, the rattle of the devil, and much more will help you create an unforgettable, frightening prank on your friends. A great changer for Halloween jokes. This changer includes special effects: a vampire, ghost, zombie, devil, killer, devil robot, witch, etc.


  • a large number of scary masks;
  • settoringtone;
  • send to friends from social networks.

Converter with effects

This app will change your speech quickly and efficiently. The service has many different options, as well as a professional tool for editing a finished record. Speech is recorded directly in the app or downloaded from your library.

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  • listeningandsaving;
  • sending to friends;
  • advancedsettingsforediting;
  • storing recordings in the app.

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