SwifDoo PDF Review: Versatile Program to Work with PDF Files Conveniently- Best In 2022

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Whether in our daily life or businesses, PDF files have played an important part thanks to their portability and graphic integrity. To better work with these PDF files, a good PDF editor like SwifDoo PDF is necessary.

In this post, we will review SwifDoo PDF, a free all-in-one PDF tool to comprehensively explore the compatibility and main features of this product.

SwifDoo PDF

SwifDoo PDF is a PDF program specialized in PDF conversion, annotation, compression, and other PDF-related features. You can easily get used to these features for the easy-to-use operation.

Besides, in case of any trouble when working with PDFs, thorough instructions for PDF editing, encrypting, watermarking, and others are regularly uploaded on SwifDoo PDF’s blog.

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Download and Compatibility

Downloading SwifDoo PDF is not difficult. You can download and install it from its official website, or it is available in Microsoft AppSource, the industry-leading software provider. Being a partner of Microsoft AppSource SwifDoo PDF is worth your trust.

When it comes to the compatibility, all Windows operating systems below are supported:

Windows® 11

Windows® 10

Windows® 8.1

Windows® 7

Windows XP®

A highlight of SwifDoo PDF is that it is a compact PDF editor tool of around 10MB. Therefore, it doesn’t take up too much space on your computer.

Major Features

SwifDoo PDF has five fundamental features: editing, converting, merging & splitting, and annotating. All options to manage your PDFs are presented on its main interface. Here, we list three popular features to give a brief introduction.


Below the Edit tab, 10 editing tools are offered in the ribbon. You can edit and change the text directly with these tools. By inserting images and links, or cropping the PDF page, it is easy to customize your PDF files.


Two editing tools need spotlighting: Deskew and OCR.

Generally, despite standard PDF files that can be edited directly, another kind of PDF file is comparatively thorny – the scanned copies. These PDF files are not editable and the pages are usually skewed, making these files hard to read or edit.

But SwifDoo PDF’s deskewing and OCR features tackle the problem. With the deskewing and built-in OCR technologies, it can correct the skew in image PDF files and convert the scanned copies to editable and searchable ones in a few clicks.


SwifDoo PDF supports extensive file conversions, such as Office documents (DOC, DOCX, RTF, XLS, XLSX, PPT), image files (JPG, PNG, BMP, TIF), and CAD. To browse each available format, you can select Convert and randomly choose any of the formats in the ribbon. The window SwifDoo PDF Converter will pop up.


Up to 15 different file formats can be converted from the PDF format and vice versa, and these formats cover all common file formats on the market. You can choose any file format you like when converting, depending on your actual needs such as file size and resolution.

Merge & Split

Merging PDF files saves plenty of time when organizing PDF documents and is easier to read and store. While splitting frees the storage space by keeping the most necessary pages and contributes to faster transfer. To use these features, click on the Page button and the Merge and Split tabs are on the leftmost side of the ribbon.

Merge & Split

The two features can be done in batch, which greatly reduces the time and can be finished quickly.

Two Extra Features

Though the three major features mentioned above are our well-chosen ones of SwifDoo PDF, we still have two extra features left: encrypting and file restoring.

We find that SwifDoo PDF provides good file protection and backup services, which of course, are the great concerns of PDF users. You can find the Encryption feature in the Advanced button, and protect your documents by setting a password.

Apart from that, to password protect an array of PDF documents in a trice, you can conduct batch encryption in the converter window, which is triggered by choosing one format after clicking the Convert tab.

Two Extra Features

When it comes to filing recovery, SwifDoo PDF can customize the backup settings to help you recover the file that is accidentally deleted. Click the Menu button, and select Backup and Recovery to the backup settings.

Backup and Recovery

Convert Online

Despite the offline conversion service, it is convenient to enjoy SwifDoo’s powerful free PDF online converter to convert PDF files to Microsoft Office (Word, PPT, Excel, Image) and vice versa.

Convert Online

Two main sections are divided on the left column: to convert from PDFs to other formats and to convert from other formats to PDFs. The file formats provided by SwifDoo PDF’s online converter are the same as those of its application.

The steps to convert files online are easy to follow as well. In only 3 clicks, the whole process is done:

Step 1: Assess the SwifDoo PDF online converter URL;

Step 2: Choose your preferable conversion task from the left column first, or you cannot upload the file;

Step 3: Click Choose File to upload, and the converter will automatically start converting. The process bar will be shown for you;

Step 4: Tap on the Download button after the conversion is finished to download your new file.

For your information, SwifDoo PDF’s online converter uses 256-bit SSL encryption, one of the most secure encryption methods to safeguard the uploaded files. The file will be robotically deleted from its server as well. So there is no need to worry about information leakage.

Final words

As PDF becomes increasingly popular, users’ demands for PDF software are more diverse. A comprehensive PDF program like SwifDoo PDF can meet all needs. With a vast range of features and decent prices, SwifDoo PDF is competitive compared to other PDF programs. We recommend it to anyone who tries to get rid of the pain when handling various PDF files.

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