5 Best Spanish Shows On Netflix In 2021

Spanish Shows On Netflix

The holiday season is just around the corner which means that there will be a lot more binge time. It is no secret that most of us spend more time searching for what to watch than actually watching something. And as much fun as scrolling is, we think we could help you out with your new playlist of what to watch.

Netflix hosts a bunch of Spanish language shows in genres, ranging from comedy to drama to suspense thrillers, and action, that will entertain you and probably help you improve your understanding of the language. It is a well-known fact that music, shows, and other forms of art are the best way to learn a language that Is not native to you. There are subtitles for the ones who are only here for entertainment.

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List of Some Spanish Shows You Could Start With

  1. Money Heist

The show is about a group that performs a heist in the Royal Mint of Spain, dressed and masked, an inspiration which they took from Salvador Dali. The group is led by The Professor who took the internet by storm due to his character portrayal and good looks.

Amongst the other unique features of the show, it was scripted as the shooting proceeded. It gained popularity within the first few days of its launch on Netflix and fans are now expecting a Money Heist season 6.

  1. Elite

For those of you who have watched Korean dramas in the past, you might end up liking Elite more than the other shows. The series revolves around three teenagers, coming from middle-class families, enrolled in a school filled with rich brats. They navigate their lives as they attend a school where they got in on a scholarship. For obvious reasons, they get into fights that escalated way too quickly and lead to murder.

  1. Cable Girls

Set in the 1920s, Cable Girls is a romantic Spanish drama filled with romance, drama, plot twists, friendship, and managing work, sometimes all at the same time. The four girls are from the city of Madrid and work at the National Telephone Company. They bring about a revolution at a time when women could only dream of it all.

  1. Velvet 

Velvet is set in a fashion store in Madrid so you can just imagine the amount of drama and entertainment the show has to offer. The store is called Velvet and the entire story is based on the events surrounding Velvet’s owner, its customers, and employees. It is a very old and highly respected business in the city.

The viewers loved the portrayal of the show and how much effort has gone into the details of the era in which it is set.

  1. The House of Flowers

House of Flowers or ‘La Casa de Las Flores’ is a dramatic comedy. The story is about how a matriarch tries to keep her family’s respect and honor after a family scandal. Her husband’s dirty laundry is out for the public to view and she does everything to keep it all together.

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