Causes And Solutions Of Computer Blue Screen On Startup- Best In 2021

Solutions Of Computer Blue Screen On Startup

Computer blue screen on startup or the blue screen of death is something which no one would like to see while starting the computer. It happens to come when your computer faces a “stop error”. This critical error can cause Windows to crash. At this point, a computer can only restart to solve the error. This can lead to data loss, as applications cannot save their open data. When a blue screen appears, Windows automatically creates a “minidump” file of the crash information and saves it to the hard drive. We will learn how this happens and how we can solve this issue.

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The Most Usual Reasons Behind Computer Blue Screen

We can say that there are two types of reasons behind the happening of a blue screen on startup.

Software Causes

New software/drivers: Remove any recently installed programs or drivers before the blue screen if they directly or indirectly generate a STOP code. When you’ll update the drivers, it’ll allow you to revert the driver’s version to one of the stable ones. 

Old Software / Drivers: Having an old version of the software can cause a blue screen of a computer. Old versions are usually not stable and compatible with the latest technology we use and that can be a reason for your computer to run into an error and display the blue screen of death.

Corrupted system files: Sometimes even Microsoft makes a mistake and applies bug updates that inadvertently disable the system. If there’s an update or patch to fix the blue screen of death, install it; otherwise, delete the updates that apply. System Restore is another great option for getting a new version of system files to replace damaged files. 

Virus / Malware: Thoroughly scan your system to remove viruses and malware. System files and/or drivers can be corrupted and cause a blue screen. Before you start, please check that the antivirus you’re using is running its latest version.

BIOS: The BIOS is one of the rarely recommended updates. Usually, when you update your BIOS, it works properly but there are some cases where it can lead to the happening of a blue screen. To get rid of this STOP code, update your old BIOS to the latest version.

Hardware Causes

Inadequate air circulation: The fan stops to cool the computer that can lead to blue death. Check your computer temperature and listen to or fans to work properly. You may need a vague battery that adjusts your computer gill. 

Less storage space: When you’re installing/upgrading to a new operating system, lack of storage space can cause a blue screen. Check if you have enough space to replace the operating system.  

Unnecessary hardware devices: Along with using the basic hardware devices like keyboard, mouse, etc., one can also use other hardware devices which can include USBs, external hard drives, CDs, another LCD (secondary display), connection cables like HDMI cables, etc. These hardware changes can also cause the computer to blue screen.

Cables: Non-cedar hard drives, RAM shells, and loose cables can return the stop code. Check if all the hardware components are static, especially if you recently open your computer. Gambling is secured canceled and these materials recover for good measurements. 

Hardware Test: Sometimes devices can reach the end of life and send SOS points. Blue death, the first thing to do is return all your files before jumping. Do the hardware diagnostic test for recording this. Hard disks or RAM or motherboard or other ingredients can be. Replace these devices. This operating system or computer is complete, as in your modes.    

Recovering Blue Screen Using Recoverit

Here, We’ll learn how we can fix this issue using Recoverit. First, you’ve to confirm what is causing the blue screen. Is it because of a software issue or hardware issue? But because of automatic reboot, your computer will restart automatically and you’ll not be able to know what exactly is the cause. Therefore, we’ll have to have turned off automatic reboot first. 

For turning off the automatic reboot, right-click on ‘This PC’ and open up the properties section.

Recovering Blue Screen Using Recoverit

Now, you have to open up the advanced settings and select the ‘Startup and Recovery section.

Recovering Blue Screen Using Recoverit

After that, you’ll have to uncheck the ‘Automatically restart’ option, click ‘OK’ and you’re done.

Recovering Blue Screen

After turning off the automatic restart feature, you can easily understand what is the cause behind the blue screen of your computer and you can start fixing it. There can be two types of causes due to which you’re having a blue screen that we’ve discussed earlier (software or hardware).

Fixing Software Problems

The software can cause a blue screen if it is not installed correctly or contains files that are harmful to your computer. If the cause of the blue screen is because of software, then you’ll have to uninstall the software or windows updates you’ve installed recently. 

Fixing Hardware Problems

We’ve discussed earlier that hardware can also become the cause of a blue screen. For example, sometimes when you installed a corrupted USB device or an external hard drive, it can cause a computer to blue screen. In that case, remove that external device and your issue can be resolved.

Recovering lost data using Recoverit

Recoverit is an excellent software by Wondershare which is very helpful for recovering lost files. And, in this part, we’ll discuss the steps to follow for recovering the lost files.

Step1: To recover the files, you have to first select a location where you want Recoverit to find/scan lost files.

Recovering lost data using Recoverit


Step2: In this step, you’ve to select the files you want to check or recover. You can pause or stop the scanning process if you’ve found your desired files.

Step3: Next step is to preview your selected files to make sure that they are the ones you’re looking for. This is an optional step. If you’re sure about your selection and you just want to recover, you can skip this step.


Step4: This is the last step where you’ve to just click on the ‘Recover’ button and your files will be recovered quickly.


This is how you can recover your files easily using Recoverit.  


So, we can conclude that a blue screen can be a headache and you can lose your data. We’ve discussed deeply what can cause blue screens, how we can fix it, and how to recover our lost data using Recoverit. While recovering lost files we can use Recoveit as it is one of the best options for us to recover the lost files. Almost everyone can operate this product and recover their lost files. One just has to follow some simple steps (that we’ve discussed earlier) and they are done recovering their files.

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