4 Best Smartphone Apps To Track Android Phones In 2021

Best Smartphone Apps To Track Android Phones

During the daily hustle and bustle, many of us end up losing our smartphones, leaving our personal information and contacts in the hands of strangers. This can be downright frustrating and stressful.

If you lose your smartphone suddenly, instead of panicking, you should realize that the phone is gone. There are certain ramifications of losing an expensive Android device.

Recovering your phone can be an extra headache for you in the middle of all other problems. What if your phone falls into the wrong hands? You may wonder how anyone can misuse your contacts or financial information to gain an unfair advantage.

There must be a way to prevent all your passwords, videos, and bank details from getting lost forever.

The good news for Android users is that technology can lend a helping hand when your phone goes missing. Several smartphone apps are available to track the location or whereabouts of your lost phone.

You better be prepared to take some necessary precautions before you lose your phone. For example, consider doing the following while your iPhone is still with you.

  • Create and apply a strong password to ensure the security of your data.
  • Note down the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) of your phone.
  • Get insurance coverage for your latest iPhone or Android phone.
  • Lock your device to ensure no one can access your private data.
  • Inform your GSM carrier to suspend your service.
  • Inform the police or report a misplaced item.

The following list of three top apps can be a ray of light for you to track any lost Android tablet or iPhone. Luckily, if your target device is not switched off, you can use these phone tracking apps to know the exact location of your lost phone.

So let’s find out more about them:

  1. TheWiSpy
  2. XNSPY
  3. Flexi Spy
  4. Spice

With the best smartphone tracking app with GPS or location tracker, you can find where exactly your phone might be when you lose it.

 1. TheWiSpy


TheWiSpy is a robust mobile monitoring application designed to track the cellular devices of children and employees. It offers advanced tools to track the GPS location of your kid’s phone in real-time. Other monitoring features like app monitoring, geofencing, call recording, etc., make the TheWiSpy app the best choice for parental and corporate use. TWS app is secure and allows you to monitor cell phones secretly.

With the TheWiSpy phone monitoring app, you can track the following activities remotely:

  • Track the GPS location of your child anytime you want.
  • Monitor app activities of your target device.
  • Get geofencing alerts when your target user breaches the safe zone boundary.
  • Record phone calls and hear all inbound and outbound calls.
  • Read every sent and received a text message.
  • Secretly activate the mic and camera and monitor the ongoing activities.

TheWiSpy has made it much easier to track cell phones anytime, anywhere. Its versatile features empower you to extract little details regarding the digital activities of your target user. The location tracking feature of the TheWiSpy app is in great demand by people. You can even track your lost device with the fantastic TWS GPS location tracker.

The internet is indeed not a safe place for children. The surface web also contains dangers that might violate someone’s privacy. Not only children but businesses are also insecure online. To keep everything safe and sound, cyber tools like TheWiSpy help parents and employers to safeguard the online environment of their kids and businesses, respectively.

The installation process of the TheWiSpy app does not require any technical proficiency—all you need to purchase a TWS license from the official website. You will be given an app download link with an installation guide. Just follow the step-by-step procedure of TheWiSpy installation, and you will set up the app on your target device within a few minutes. TWS provides its end-users with an online dashboard, from where you can monitor the recorded details secretly.

Furthermore, you can download and save the recorded information on your device. If you want your child to leave a bad habit or want to prove the disloyalty of your employee, you can use the recorded data as evidence to defend your case. TWS app works flawlessly on almost every Android device. And the good part is that you don’t even have to root your target device.

When it comes to price, TheWiSpy offers affordable subscription plans. There are no extra or hidden charges. There are three subscription plans of the TWS app known as Starter, Basic, and Premium package. The Starter package comes at the price of $9.99 for 15 days. It delivers limited features. If you want to monitor more details of your target device, you must go for the Basic or Premium package. TWS Basic plan starts at $19.99 per month, whereas the TWS Premium plan starts at $29.99 per month. You can choose either of these packages and start exploring the digital space of your target user.


XNSPY is designed by professional engineers who have researched the technical needs of employers and parents. The app helps to shape up the corporate identity of your organization. The GPS tracker of Xnspy tracks any Android device or iPhone around the clock. That means with this app guarding your employees’ smartphones, they are least likely to lose all their sensitive phone data or financial information.

Smartphone Apps To Track Android Phones1

With the  smartphone GPS tracker feature, the app allows users to:

  • GPS trackers for business as well as personal use
  • View complete history, receive alerts, and track employees in real-time
  • Know the whereabouts of your sales teams
  • Communicate with employees anywhere anytime
  • Locating a stolen or lost smartphone
  • Perfect for both employees and kids’ tracking

Tracking the location of lost or stolen mobile phone is easy with the app. For example, Xnspy has built-in features to help people track their employees and children successfully. Using the location tracking feature, you can easily track the whereabouts of your lost Android or iOS phone.

Using the Location Tracking Features

Using other methods to locate your lost or stolen smartphone is not viable because there are several limitations to using the Find My iPhone. With Xnspy installed on your employee’s phone, GPS and Geofencing help to track the exact location of the remote device.

You have to follow a few steps for tracking the location of a smartphone:

  1. Install Xnspy on the Phone

The first step is to install the tracking app on an Android phone.

  1. Log into your Online Account

Use your credentials for Xnspy to log into your web account and access your menu from any location.

Smartphone Apps To Track Android Phones3

  1. Select a Location

After logging into your online account, you can access your dashboard. There, you can access your menu to access all the features offered by the application. Select the location you wish to monitor by choosing “location” from the dashboard.

Smartphone Apps To Track Android Phones4

Now you can see the smartphone’s complete location history regarding your Android or iOS device.  The best thing is that the location of the lost phone will appear on a map. That way, you can not only see the current location of the smartphone but also dig deeper into the previous locations of the smartphone.

The app will show you the time and date information as well. Knowing the name of the location, you can either spot a phone thief or report a stolen phone to the police. However, bear in mind that Xnspy should be installed on a smartphone first to use the feature of GPS.

In terms of pricing, the world’s most demanding smartphone tracking app comes with two affordable packages such as $4.99 per month for the Basic package and $7.49 for the Premium Edition. By comparing these prices with other applications, one can easily see how Xnspy has become a world leader in helping people track their smartphones.

3. Flexispy

In terms of GPS and location tracking, Flexispy is a popular smartphone monitoring app that keeps an eye on your phone’s whereabouts. The app comes with a plethora of features including phone call monitoring, remote control, and WhatsApp monitoring. However, if you are wondering about the current location of your lost cell phone, then this app will serve as a handy tool.

Smartphone Apps To Track Android Phones2

No doubt that Flexispy makes it easy for you to track your cell phone location online. With the GPS-based location tracker, you can locate your target Android phone or iOS device hassle-free. The feature allows smartphone users to track the movements of a thief or a taxi driver who has stolen your phone and quickly moved away.

For many business owners and professionals, losing vital information stores on their smartphones can be disastrous. Especially for business and senior executives, losing financial or technical data on smartphones can negatively impact the performance of their organizations. Flexispy allows users to know where their financial assets are to view the big picture.

FlexiSpy offers startups and professionals a viable solution for finding the location of their vital assets like smartphones. FlexiSpy is easy to use and it helps you to track your lost company-owned phones without creating any legal issues. The GPS data is easy to read that allows you to improve the strategic decision-making in the organization.

Moreover, when location data is conveniently available via Flexispy, you can quickly identify any employee’s location and also help your team to find a cell phone dropped by a sales employee. Therefore, using that feature in addition to Geofencing, the mobile app allows employers and professionals to easily get alerts and notifications to help them track their smartphones.

Smartphone Apps To Track Android Phones6

In terms of price and affordability, there is no denying the Flexispy offers unique features to track smartphones in exchange for a high price. For example, the phone monitoring app comes with three packages such as:

  • Lite Package
  • Premium Package
  • Extreme Package

The light package comes with a cost of $29.95/month; the Premium Plan costs $68/, whereas, the Extreme Package comes with a cost of $199 per quarter. According to the needs of budget consumers, the Lite Plan comes at a comparatively lower price, but still, the other two apps in our list offer even more affordable packages to use the advanced features.

4. Spyzie

Spyzie is another cell phone tracking app that can monitor the location of your smartphone or a phone used by your employees. You can install Spyzie on any iPhone or Android device and gather a wide range of information using the GPS or location-tracking feature.

Smartphone Apps To Track Android Phones7

Spyzie is easy to install and download. It comes with everything you need to protect your children or employees to lose their phones. The best thing about getting Spyzie is to use its real-time, GPS-tracking feature that is ideal for an employer to know where their employees are.  So, if your logistics manager wants to know the performance of his trucking staff, Spyzie provides businesses with features to boost their productivity.

Smartphone Apps To Track Android Phones8

The app can be more productive in terms of providing businesses with an edge to track their employees with cell phones.

Even though the software is available with a free trial, the advanced GPS and geofencing features are available in a price range of $29.99  to $39.99. That means it is still not the best smartphone tracking app for budget-conscious startups. However, there is one more option in our list that can shake to rocks of many employers.

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