Slow Laptop Internet Speed? How To Make It Faster- Best Ways In 2022

How To Make Faster Slow Laptop Internet Speed

There is nothing that makes someone madder in the digital era than having slow internet!

What is the point of an internet connection, if it is not offering super speed for all our work.


No, we are definitely not asking for an internet connection as good as one of those (really lucky!) countries, like Hong Kong or Denmark.

But, you can still have a stable connection that will offer you fast internet for all your big downloads.

We always tend to blame others for whatever is going on with our internet connection!

  • It is the weather!
  • I am sure my ISP is doing something!

Not saying that these can’t be the issue, but you should check your system first and then probably call your ISP.

– ‘What am I supposed to check?’

This is a common question that we often get. Well, you are supposed to have a plethora of elements.

In this article, we will cover a few of the top ways to improve internet speed on your laptop!,

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Slow Internet? – This is What You Should Do

If you face constant internet issues with your laptop, we suggest you follow the following steps or if you are looking for fixed wireless broadband you can visit the link given.

A quick note, even after all these trials and errors, if you still face slow internet, then you have every liberty to call upon your Internet Service Provider.

1. Get Your Laptop Closer To Your Router

If your device is too far away from the router, there is a possibility that the connection is disturbed.

Getting your laptop closer to the router will essentially make the connection more stable. Hence, making your internet connection faster.

Also, ensure that the router is not cooped up in one corner of a room; it should be in a common space in the middle of the house.

2. Close All Tabs & Windows

Just because you are not using your tabs and windows doesn’t mean that they are not using the internet in the background.

If you want that idle download or streaming speed, we would suggest you close all your tabs and windows.

Plus, go to your settings and close all the background applications, which could also be hogging your internet. These will clear the internet route for you and better help you download large files.

3. Download One Thing At A Time

When speaking about large files, ensure that you are downloading one file at a time. Yes, it is tempting to have all your movies or software downloaded at once, but this will only cause a nuisance.

You will see that your internet is working more efficiently when you are letting them concentrate on one task, rather than injecting them with too many tasks.

4. Use A VPN

Your internet speed will automatically increase when you pay for a good VPN service. This is because you’re protected from internet throttling.

This is a legal activity that is done by all Internet service providers. They throttle your bandwidth to avoid data congestion in a local area or to make you upgrade to a better package.

5. Try Antivirus

Why don’t you try using antivirus?

It is probably not the internet, but your entire system which is slow. Also, if you are under a malware invasion, it can make normal device functioning a difficulty.

An antivirus will help you scan all the files you are downloading from the internet and protect your system from malware activities.

6. Use Ethernet

It could be the wireless connection.

Why not use an ethernet cable from the router directly to your laptop. With a direct internet connection, your downloads and streaming are going to be much faster. This is especially true if you are using budget laptops which often come with mediocre WiFi adapters.

The ethernet cable shouldn’t have any knots!

7. Boost Your Internet Speed

This is the last and probably something you do not need. However, if the other six do not work, then your internet package is probably outdated.

If an update is long due, take this as a sign and get them.

Enjoy Surfing At High Speed!

Now that you have all the best suggestions from experts, here is your chance to go through your laptop.

  • Declutter any residual file.
  • Close all the tabs and windows.
  • Close all the background applications.
  • If it is urgent, ask your family members to disconnect from the router.

Now, check your internet speed!

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