Should You Lease Or Buy Solar Panels? Best In 2021

Should You Lease or Buy Solar Panels?

Are you worried about the upfront costs associated with buying a solar power system? Read on so you can decide whether to lease or buy solar panels.

As of 2019, more than 2 million homes had solar panels installed in the United States. It’s safe to assume that solar panels are becoming the future of residential energy.

With that being said, different families have different priorities when it comes to financing solar panels. Should you lease or buy solar panels? What are the benefits of each option?

That’s what we’re here to look at today. Read on to find out more about leasing and buying solar panels.

Should You Lease or Buy Solar Panels?

Something that should be made clear is that regardless of whether you lease or buy solar panels, you’ll still get reliable and sustainable energy for your home. The difference comes down to how you pay for it.

Let’s break down what buying and leasing solar panels actually entail so you know exactly what you’re getting from each option:

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Buying Solar Panels

In today’s generation buying a solar panel is not very difficult, there are lots of solar companies available around the globe, from which some are reliable and cost-efficient for almost all customers. If you are looking for a good solar panel you can read about Blue Raven reviews here for more details about solar panels.

It goes without saying that buying solar panels is the best option if you want to fully own your solar panels. It also lets you maximize the financial benefits of going solar.

What does maximizing these benefits mean? In the long run, as long as you pay for all the costs of solar panels upfront, you’ll see greater savings. As long as you find a solar company that gives you good rates, you’re set.

Instead of paying someone to use their solar panels, you get those savings immediately. Solar panel owners usually benefit from being able to leverage federal tax credits as well.

Leasing Solar Panels

Those looking for the benefits of solar panels but aren’t interested in owning them for themselves often lease their panels. You might not be eligible for loans or tax credits, so you might decide to lease panels instead.

Many lease their panels because they don’t have to maintain or repair them. That is, the owner of the panels is responsible for the upkeep.

It often comes down to a financial decision, and residents just don’t want another loan on their record for their solar panels. That’s why they choose to lease them from another owner instead.

How Do You Decide?

Deciding whether to lease or buy your solar panels comes down to your specific situation and priorities. Do you want full ownership? Are you financially stable enough?

If you’re settling down and want a reliable but cheap energy source for the long run, owning your solar panels is the way to go. That way you can reap the rewards of the different tax benefits down the line.

For those looking for a simpler way of saving money on their utilities, leasing is a great option. Buying and installing solar panels can be costly in the short term, so avoiding that entirely could be the best financial decision.

What you need to know is that buying solar panels results in a big financial investment that pays out in the long run. Leasing them is more of a steady financial commitment but doesn’t provide as big of a long-term benefit.

Buying and Leasing Solar Panels

Going solar is undoubtedly the future for homeowners, and deciding whether to lease or buy solar panels will become a huge decision for many. Use this guide to help you decide which is the best route for you.

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