Self-Cleaning And Mopping Robot Vacuum For Home | Yeedi Mop Station Pro- Best In 2022

Self-Cleaning And Mopping Robot Vacuum

Have you heard of the yeedi mop station robot? Are you busy and can’t mop your house yourself? Well, we all can relate to this situation. Whether you are a student or a person with a day job, you can’t waste your time doing house chores.

Trust me! I was in the same situation as you. So what did I do? I chose my work and saved my time by buying the yeedi robot mop. You might be thinking “what? Another useless robot!”. I can understand your situation as there are many useless robots on the market.

But yeedi mop station pro is not just a regular moping robot and I can prove it to you!

But for that, you have to learn about the machine and what it brings to the table.

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yeedi mop station pro: A 3-in-1 robot vacuum and mop?

Other Moping Robots in the market just hanging around with a piece of the mop to clean the house, which will never clean your house properly!

But the yeedi robot mop combo is not like that. It has two mopping pads that are tightly pressed to the ground by a 10N force. Not only that, the triple-layer moping pads spin around 180r/min to clean up every stain. They also hold 300% water to cover up more space and to clean every puddle.

The cleaning doesn’t end here! yeedi mop station pro ensures the best self-cleaning with its 3000Pa suction force.

And these are the reasons why the yeedi self-cleaning station is a three-in-one device!

Yeedi Mop Station Pro

How does the yeedi’s self-cleaning station clean and

fresh the dirty mopping pads automatically?

You might be thinking if the moping pads clean up every stain then how the dirt on the moping pads is cleaned?

You don’t have to care about that either! The yeedi robot mop is called a self-cleaning device for a reason.

The yeedi self-cleaning station cleans up the mopping pads and dries them every 10 mins.

The mop station pro carries 2 water tanks each holding 3.5L of water. One tank is filled with wastewater and the other with clean water. That’s how it cleans itself and your house with no hassle!

Self-Cleaning And Mopping Robot Vacuum

Benefits of the carpet detection of yeedi mop station pro

Did you know about the yeedi carpet detection? Well, now you know. The yeedi carpet detection avoids mopping your carpet in the mopping mode which saves your carpet. The best thing is that it is very accurate.

Other than the mopping mode, you can use the vacuum mode to clean your carpet. yeedi knows how to clean your carpet! The suction power is increased to the max when the vacuum mode is on.

How is yeedi mop station pro different?

  • When a person wants to buy a product he looks for something different and better than other products in the market. So what’s different in the yeedi mop station pro?
  • Let me tell you that the yeedi mop robot comes with wifi connectivity. It is a smart robot and you can use it through the yeedi application. It is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home for Voice Control.
  • You can schedule your cleaning, set up the areas where you don’t want the cleaner, spot-clean an area, and many more.
  • This smart machine can be set up to clean a specific part of your house first and then the others. You can set up a cleaning sequence.
  • The yeedi robot mop combo provides an extra bigger 750ml dustbin larger than most robots on the market.
  • Other than these features, yeedi has also launched its swap repaid program. In this program, if a customer’s device is under warranty, then a customer can get a new unit in exchange for a broken one instead of a repair.
  • The swap repair program started in May 2022 and you can get it on the yeedi official website.

Key Features

  • A mopping pad combo with 10N force to tightly clean the surface.
  • Can hold 300% water by the mopping pads to cover up more space.
  • The strong suction power of 3000Pa
  • The self-cleaning system automatically cleans the dirty mopping pads every 10 mins.
  • 2 water tanks with 3.5L water capacity each.
  • Amazingly accurate carpet detection.
  • Wifi connectivity with the yeedi APP and compatibility with Amazon Alexa and Google Home for voice control.

A large 750ml dustbin to collect more dust. Perfect for big families. Smart visual mapping cleans in neat rows without missing any spots.

Reasons to Buy the yeedi mop station pro

  • Easy to use: the process of using the device is hassle-free. You can just turn on the device and it’ll start cleaning.
  • Complete Control on the Device: The yeedi mop station pro gives you complete access and control to the device. You can use the application to control all of its features.
  • Self-cleaning Feature: The yeedi self-cleaning feature is worth it and saves your time cleaning the mopping pads again and again.
  • Swap Repair Program: The yeedi swap repair program will let you get a new unit if you have a warranty and you want to try any brand new combo with yeedi.

Where Can I Buy the yeedi mop station pro?

There are two ways to buy the yeedi mop station pro. First is to visit the yeedi official website and buy it from there. The second is to buy yeedi mop station pro from Amazon.


We all know how annoying it is to mop a house. So why not convert to a better solution? The yeedi mop station pro. It is an excellent mopping robot with features like self-cleaning, mop combo, and carpet detection. We have discussed them in detail above and you can check all of them out.

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