How To Remove Chromium That Can’t Be Uninstalled- Best In 2022

How to get rid of chromium?

Chromium won’t uninstall and the Chromium folder can’t be deleted? Even worse, sometimes this browser appears without us knowing it.

Chromium or the incarnation of the Google Chrome browser is a browser device aka the mainstay browser that can run on Windows, Linux Operating System, MAC, and Android operating systems.

Like other browsers, Chromium also serves as an alternative to information search. However, sometimes the performance is not optimal, it makes our devices sluggish.

Not infrequently, many people often want to remove or uninstall chromium so that it can lighten performance on a computer. Moreover, this application appears on its own.

For chromium that can’t be removed and is stubborn like a virus, here’s how to remove chromium that can’t be uninstalled on Windows 10, 7, and 8.

Here are some effective ways to remove Chromium efficiently and without hassle.

How to Remove / Uninstall Chromium

1. How to Remove Chromium from Laptop / PC

How remove chromium can be done by uninstalling it directly from Windows. How to?

First, press the Start button under your PC or laptop, then search ‘ Control Panel ‘.

Second, select the option on the ‘Uninstall a program‘ menu or the option’ Remove programs and features‘, according to the type of Windows used for your laptop or PC.

Uninstall a program

In the third step, find the Chromium application option, then right-click, and press the Uninstall option.

When finished, you are required to reconfirm to make sure you want to delete it, please click OK or uninstall as approval.

After the process is finished, the chromium data files and applications will be permanently deleted from your laptop or PC.

How remove the chromium application from the Control Panel is alleged to work more efficiently and quite easily.

2. How to Delete Erasable Chromium Folder

Sometimes, you can’t find the Chromium program from the Control Panel, so the only thing you can do is to remove the Chromium app manually. Can use the Windows Explorer application.

First, open Windows Explorer and then clicks the Tools menu. Click on the ‘Folder Option’ option then you can activate the ‘Show Hidden Folder’ option which will bring up all hidden icons on your laptop or PC.

Second, click on ‘Drive C’ to select the ‘App Data folder. Look for the Local Folder and find the name ‘Chromium’ from that folder. Click the right side of the folder, and select the option to delete chromium.

3. How to Remove Chromium from the Registry

Another step to remove the Chromium application is to manually delete the application registry so that the program cannot run again.

If you look at it, this one method will feel a little complicated, but it works to remove traces of the Chromium application to the roots.

Click Windows + R (Run) button on your laptop or PC, then type ‘Regedit


Enter HKEY_CURRENT_USER, then select the Software folder on the device

software option in HKEY_CURRENT_USER

Look for the Chromium folder, right-click select ‘ Delete ‘ to delete it

In general, after completing the application removal stage, you will be asked to restart the laptop so that all processes occur properly.

If the wipe is complete but the laptop still feels sluggish and not optimal, you can perform a Disk Clean-Up from the Disk Management feature.

This is so that all trash and temporary files from applications that have been used can be permanently deleted.

In general, the operating system on a computer becomes slow and hangs easily because the amount of garbage in the application is too much, moving behind the screen that is running.

4. How to Erase Chromium on MAC

You can also remove chromium apps from your MAC. The method is quite simple and easy.

First, please log on to your MAC computer with an admin account, open the application folder, and locate the chromium installed. Second, open the folder, and drag it to the trash application on the computer.

Third, you will be asked to agree to remove chromium via any confirmation message that appears. After you click OK, the Chromium folder and application will be completely removed from your MAC PC.

5. How to Erase Chromium on Android

Before deciding to remove the Chromium application from Android, you must understand that these two products, Chromium and Android, are outputs from Google.

Therefore, you will only be able to deactivate Chromium if you don’t want to use it in the long run.

  • Turn on your android device
  • Open the Apps folder on android
  • Click the Settings feature on the screen
  • Click the Manager application; depending on the device used, the Manager application can alternate with ‘Apps’, ‘Apps Manager’, or ‘Applications’
  • Look for the Chromium list in it, click to disable it, then follow the directions to remove the chromium app from your android.

6. How to Remove Chromium on iOS

You can also remove chromium apps from iOS. The method is quite easy to apply even for beginners though.

  • Turn on your iOS device, for example using the iPhone 4S.
  • Find Chromium on your iOS ‘Home’.
  • Click the Chromium icon for a few seconds.
  • After the icon looks jiggling, tap the X to remove the app from the iOS device.

7. How to Remove Extensions from Chromium

Extensions within Chromium are a part of the entire Chromium application. Sometimes, the extension application is still running even though it has been removed.

Therefore, you can also delete them manually via Windows PC.

  • Open the Chromium app.
  • Click the Menu feature (button with three horizontal lines) from the top right corner.
  • Click Settings on the menu that appears.
  • After entering the Settings feature, you can select the panel on the left and select Extensions.
  • After from the page of the extensions page on the right, click the trash can icon that represents the extension you want to remove.

If you find it difficult, you can remove chromium by clicking the checkbox of the extension to temporarily disable it, and keep this application installed for long-term use.

After the wipe process is complete, it is recommended to restart your PC or laptop so that all browsers can run normally

8. How to Delete Chromium Browsing History from Android

  • First, turn on your android device.
  • Second, open the Drawer application on your android device.
  • Third, find the Settings section, then click Application Manager.
  • Fourth, click the application install list, and tap on the chromium section.
  • In the fifth step, click the Info application, then delete the data in it.

9. Delete Chromium Browsing History from iOS Browser Data

Not only can you delete browsing history, but you can also delete all data from iOS browsers that use chromium as an intermediary for searches.

  • Turn on your iOS device.
  • From the Home screen, open the Chromium app.
  • Press the Menu button from above.
  • Click Settings in the browser.
  • In Windows Settings, tap on Privacy.
  • From several boxes that appear on the screen, click delete for all browser search history.

By removing chromium, it is hoped that the existing devices will be lighter, less sluggish, and more accessible than before.

Applying some of the methods above can be one solution for removing chromium applications that are considered to be interfering with the performance of your device.

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