How To Remove Bloatware From Android Without Root- Best Ways In 2021

Remove Bloatware From Android Without Root

Have you just got a replacement phone and is it a bunch of already installed Spooky apps? have you ever tried long-pressing and dragging to uninstall from your screen? To regret! there’s no uninstall option.

You have no choice; you think that you’ve got been cheated. But this is often your new phone and you do not want it to be rooted and tempered. Here is how you’ll remove bloatware from MIUI and ZEN UI without root & without losing your data.

What is Bloatware

Bloatware may be software that’s preinstalled and licensed by the manufacturer on the device itself.

Most of the time, bloatware is merged as a system app; therefore the user doesn’t have administrative privileges to uninstall them.

These apps can sometimes be useful or in other words, their usefulness is reduced. Software vendors agree to integrate their products into the device’s system.

These products are often versions tailored to their original software. However, most of the time, smartphone makers pack apps in their systems consistent with demographic data.

For example Apps like TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, RAM Cleaners, and Flipkart come preinstalled in Indian variants thanks to demographic data.

They are considered because of the most installed apps. additionally, the corporate also incorporates its own apps like browsers, calculators, cleaners, documents, etc. as its trademark.

Bloatware occupies an unprecedented amount of disc space and memory. These apps float on the taskbar until you employ them.

In addition, they consume tons of your battery through display advertising and backgrounding.

What’s more- Trojans, spyware, trackers, and viruses?

Yes! These apps can use, modify, or track our data under the hood.
Just for the record, the Mi browser was accused of sending browser history back to its main server, including user data reports, even in incognito mode.

This is just a minor paradigm pulling down bloatware. These preloaded apps do not value your privacy and security. It is always better to get rid of them.

Then, how to uninstall this bloatware?

Here is a detailed guide on how you can remove unknown apps from your system.


This method is only for Xiaomi and ASUS devices; please do not try this on other brands.

Although this method is a sure shot, I do not take responsibility for any damage.

(However, please comment below. If you encounter any problems, I will try to help you as much as possible)

Don’t remove default Google applications and default file managers. Otherwise, your device may be stuck in the boot loop.

List of apps you do and don’t need to uninstall!


com.Xiaomi. finddevice 

Result: endless boot loop, some time after it will ask to erase the phone and start over.

com. miui.securitycenter  

Result: phone reboots only in recovery mode

com. android.contacts

Result: you lose the phone icon Xiaomi App Vault

Result: if you are logged in with a Mi account, the device becomes locked, to unlock you should bring it to Xiaomi Services Center. Settings -> Home Screen crashes Settings app.

You Need,

  • Smartphone (with battery> 30%)
  • One PC
  • A USB data cable
  • Steps for debloating
  • You must do a series of steps; confirm you check all of them.


To enable the developer options, attend to your device’s Settings-About Phone.

Now, you’ll see the MIUI version. Tap there continuously until you get a toast that says “You’re a developer now”.


To turn on USB debugging, attend your device settings → additional settings → developer options. Locate and toggle USB debugging.

(You may receive security warnings, just accept them)


Below USB debugging, you’ll see three other options. Enable Install via USB Check and enable USB debugging (security settings). Confirm your option as Yes.

(The steps are equivalent for Mi A-series devices running on Android One. Attend SettingsSystemDeveloper Options and enable USB debugging)

Now that we’ve enabled the required settings on our phone, activate your PC and follow these steps properly.


Get your PC and download these files accordingly. Don’t hang around together with names, they’re the simplest.

Java SE Development Kit : (Provides runtime environment to the program)

For Windows,

For Mac,

For Linux

Xiaomi ADB / Fastboot Tools – Download Here


After downloading the above files, store them in a folder. Now install JDK-14.0.2.exe which we’ve just downloaded.


Now click on XiaomiADBFastbootTools.jar which we downloaded earlier.


After the appliance opens, connect your phone to the PC via USB.

Check your phone- The device goes to invite authorization, which you’ll need to allow.

Then wait for the appliance to locate your phone. Once you recognize this, you can do the final steps.


After your phone is connected, you’ll see an inventory of SYSTEM APPS on the screen. Now, check all the apps that you simply want to uninstall from your phone. (You’ll see an uninstall button. Just click thereon)

(Do not tamper with other options if you’re not familiar)


After the uninstall is complete, unplug your USB securely. Then RESTART your device. you’re done!!

So, this is often how you’ll remove bloatware from Xiaomi devices. If you encounter any problems, then let me know within the comment section below. Got an error?? share your screenshot. I’m here to help you.

Thank You 🙂

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