Top 5 Reasons Your Mac Is Running Slow- Best In 2021

Reasons Your Mac Is Running Slow

There are many reasons why your Mac may be running slow. It could be older and does not have the power it once did or you may have put too many programs on it so it is no longer able to keep up. No matter what is causing the Mac to run slowly, finding ways to increase your MacBook speed can help you use it a little longer. some of the common reasons your Mac is slowing down include:

Too Many Apps Open

The first thing that you should look for when the Mac is not running the way you would like is how many apps are open and running on the computer. If there are a ton, then this means your computer is using up more resources than it should, which is why things tend to take a little longer.

Your Mac may be designed to take on a lot of tasks, but there is a limit. Between the applications, the pictures and movies, and all the programs that it is trying to run at once, your computer will slow down quickly. Try to keep it to just the items you are using at the time.

Too Many Open Tabs

The more tabs you have open while doing a search online, the slower the computer will be. It does not matter how much power your Internet browser is supposed to have, this can still slow down the computer quite a bit. According to experts, you should never have more than three tabs open at the same time to keep the computer running well. When you are done with one browser, just close it before opening up another.

Slow Internet Speed

You may not be able to place all of the blame on your Mac. It could have something to do with the internet provider you are using. If the broadband connection is sluggish, then it is not going to help your computer get the work done that it should. You can try looking at the internet connection to see if this could cause a problem.

When the internet is to blame, then you may need to call up your internet provider and see what is going on. They can let you know if there is an outage in your area or if something else is causing the problems. If you are using the internet quite a bit, it may be time to go to a higher speed.

Overloaded Browser Cache

It is possible that the browser cache is getting too full and this may slow down the computer. You need to go through and declutter the memory of the browser to keep the computer running well. Think about how many pages you open online each day and then multiply that by 30. That is how much history is stored each month on the computer. If it has been several months since you cleared the cache, the number is even higher. Clearing the cache is a good way to help speed up the Mac.

Clogged Hard Drive

When the other tips do not seem to be doing the job, it is time to do a good cleaning of the Mac. You may be surprised how much stuff is being stored in the hard drive of the Mac and by cleaning out a few things, you can speed up the processes so much. Look to see how many redundant files and folders or apps you no longer use are found on the computer and delete as much as possible. This can keep the computer healthy and running well for a long time. If the system is too bogged down, you may want to do a factory reset to help.

Your mac is designed to work hard and last you a long time. You just need to do a few actions to make sure that it will keep going well and not slow down too much for you. When you start to notice that your Mac is getting slower and does not provide the amount of speed that you need, check out some of the helpful tips above to change that around and get the MacBook speed back that you need.

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