Realme Narzo is a New Series of Smartphones for the Mid-Range Market

Realme Narzo is a new line of smartphones coming soon. As we know Chinese brands are constantly looking for ways to gain market share, especially in the quest to grab some of their competitors’ customers in the markets where they operate. One of the most interesting battles being fought between Realme (Oppo’s subsidiary) and Redmi and POCO (from Xiaomi).

After expanding its catalog and reaching the most varied audiences, which includes making available not only devices with more advanced hardware but other products including a TV and a smart band, Realme is now preparing to strike with yet another line of smartphones.

Named Realme Narzo, the new line had its first teaser released today and possibly bet on the younger audience, something that can be observed by the reference to the expression “Gen Z”, that is, the generation that was born between 1990 and 2010.

In addition, it is possible to notice in the teaser that the device focuses on entries that indicate the identity of the device such as energy capacity (power). The fact that it is a unique device and possibly offering good hardware.

Right now, there is still no conclusive information regarding what will be seen in the hardware category, but, according to information obtained by the 91mobile website, the line should initially bring a device with two variants to the Indian market.

Considering the release of this teaser, we can already consider what news should be presented in the coming months, as it is not usual for Realme to postpone launches a lot.

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