PUBG on Google Stadia Now Available, EA Games Coming Soon

Google has just organized its Stadia Direct event, where it announces the news for its game streaming platform Stadia. The search giant announced the arrival of Battle Royale PUBG on Google Stadia, free for Pro subscribers, and costs $30 for the free version.

The title will come with all updates installed, in addition to the Cold Front season pass, and will support crossplay with other platforms. 

A partnership with EA Games was also announced so that publisher titles will also be made available at Stadia at the end of the year, including FIFA 20, NFL 20, and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

According to EA CEO Andrew Wilson, the use of the Cloud should open up new possibilities for games, and the partnership with Stadia will provide the company with the possibility of delivering creative and innovative experiences.

The company had already launched support for 5.1 surround audio and a new virtual keyboard for users playing via the controller in the browser version of the service earlier this month. In addition, Google released the Pro version for free for two months in the supported countries, with membership finalized on April 10.

It is worth remembering that new rumors related to the new generation of the platform have already been released, known as Google Stadia Gen 2. Sources say that the new version would have a considerable hardware update, being ready to face the new generation of consoles expected to arrive at the end of the year. The new Stadia would also implement Machine Learning for developers, allowing small teams to be able to create huge worlds for their titles.

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