6 Tips To Produce More Persuasive And Engaging Content In 2021

Produce More Persuasive And Engaging Content

As businesses invest more in social media and content marketing, it’s now more important than ever to produce engaging and persuasive content. However, with the countless content being made daily, it’s hard to stand out in your chosen niche or industry. It’s also more challenging to ensure that your message reaches your target audience and your potential customers. So, how can you produce more persuasive and engaging content?

Regardless of your experience in content creation, below are some tips you can consider to create better content that’s both appealing and engaging at the same time:

  1. Use Storytelling

When it comes to content, storytelling is powerful as it allows your target audience to engage with your content and take action. But make sure that your audience must see themselves in your story.

If you don’t know how to get started, know the fun ways to learn copywriting and use stories that captivate one’s heart for effective content. It could be a story about your business or someone related to your niche.

  1. Add Credibility To Your Content

Your audience is more likely to be persuaded if your content is trustworthy and credible. To achieve this, work with various content creators, copywriters, and industry influencers for your website.

To add credibility to your content, you can begin by determining the influential content contributors within your industry. Read several social posts, competitor blogs, publications, or eBooks to find some creators that match your marketing and brand needs.

Create a list of at least five reliable resources and reach out to all of them to determine if you can make a co-marketing opportunity. If possible, you may hire them directly. Just ensure to ask for their content portfolio and several references to validate their credibility.

Other ways to add credibility to your content creation may include the use of quotes or examples from well-known influencers. You can also link to third-party sources for your content’s validation.

The golden rule is to have your audience’s interests in mind when producing content. Remember that too much promotion can damage your credibility.

  1. Use A Compelling Headline

A headline is the first thing that your audience reads. So, whether or not they’ll spend time and read your content will depend on your content’s headline. The headline you create sets the reader’s expectations and provides a gist on what to expect from the blog.

How can you create a compelling headline? First, offering something that evokes emotions, is unique to the readers, or creates a sense of urgency. You may also include action words, powerful adjectives, interesting numbers, or negative words that evoke your audience’s interest.

  1. Make Your Content Easy To Read

Produce More Persuasive And Engaging Content

People have short attention spans. This is the reason why it’s a great idea to make your content easy to read.

Here are some of the ways to make your content easier to read:

  • Use numbered or bulleted lists
  • Use text styling and headings
  • Incorporate white space in your content
  • Use simple and short sentences

Once you give your target audience a choice between a few blocks of text and a well-designed infographic with takeaways, they’re going to choose infographics. The reason behind it is that infographics are easy to digest compared to long-form content. Naturally, human beings are drawn to process images and visual content quicker than text as the former enables efficient and quick retention of information.

Images can also gain greater engagement from the viewers since they grab attention, inspire an emotional response, and aid learning. Having eye-catching charts, graphics, and images to break up your content also makes it much easier for your target audience to read your content.

  1. Use Some Enticing Visuals

Adding visuals to your content can be of great help to generate more views. Visuals don’t only engage your audience, but it’s also a welcome change to break the text’s monotony. You may also use visuals in the form of static videos, images, and infographics.

If there’s something you want to emphasize or say better with visuals, it’s a great idea to include them in your content. But be sure that you source your visuals from websites that offer copyright-free images. If you want to make your own banners or infographics in minutes, you may also use tools.

  1. Don’t Use Jargon

When creating engaging and persuasive content, ensure that all information you’ve provided is understandable, even for those who aren’t experts in your niche.

You must also try to explain any complex terms that you might need to mention in your content. As part of an effective content strategy, have some hyperlinks to related articles so your audience can get more information regarding the topic being discussed.


The above tips are crucial if you want to stay ahead of the competition and grab the attention of your audience effectively. Just remember that the key to producing more engaging and persuasive content is to make use of storytelling, add credibility, and include enticing visuals. Plus, make sure to be consistent with your content if you want to get the best possible results.

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