7 Popular Resources For Android App Developers In 2022

Popular Resources For Android App Developers

The mobile app market is undoubtedly on the rise, and it has only shown enormous growth in the last few years. In fact, it is one of the quickest soaring markets that is expected to reflect even more significant growth rates in 2021. It is easy to understand what this means for developers. As the consumption of mobile apps continues to grow, so does the need for an android app developer. Naturally, this is a great time for developers to come into the limelight.

However, with so many developers out there, there have to be some unique thoughts and knacks that set you apart. We know trying your luck without the right tools and strategy won’t help.

As an android mobile app developer, several resources can come to your rescue. So, hire the best Android app development companies that have expertise on the following 7 popular resources required for mobile app development.

  • Android Headlines

Android Headlines finds itself among the best resources for app development for Android. It curates android news for fans and developers alike. Not only does it make space for comprehensive information, but it also provides excellent reports related to mobile-based technology, including reviews and more.

It also works in close coordination with Google to fetch the most exciting android news, community content, and product-related information. Clearly, among the best tools for developers, it connects a large group of readers and developers.

  • Android Police

Much like its name, Android Police acts as police for all Android-based news, reviews, games, phones, tips, hacks, tutorials, etc. If you’ve been considering platforms to stay in touch with before sorting out tools for android app development, this should undoubtedly be a part of your list.

Found over a decade back by an android developer, this is quite a go-to for developers even today when they are looking for valuable news and insights. It has millions of monthly page visits, and that is so for a reason. Android Police offers a wholesome experience for developers all over as a platform. If you need some quick bits as one, you should consider this as it is among the best tools for app development.

  • Android Weekly

The king of kings – this is an android weekly newsletter that developers simply should not ignore. To add to the joy of enthusiastic readers and developers, it is entirely free and includes some of the best content that is text-based, video-based, and over GitHub libraries.

If you wish to improve your skills as an app developer and want to stay on top of the game, here’s a resource you should consider no matter what! Android Weekly is a great way for developers to stay as the cream of the crop in the ever-growing market. So, if you’ve wanted to keep on top of your android game, you should consider these basic tools required for android app development.

  • Android Studio

Having seen enough platforms that supply developers with relevant information, here’s a must-consider tool for all android app developers. Android studio acts as the official IDE for Android app development. It makes room for essential procedures like debugging, code editing, and testing various tools.

Tools such as AVD manager and Android Debug Bridge can also easily be tested. The tool is free to download, and this is another great reason you should include it in your list of android development tools. It is exhaustively used in the community of app developers and continues to yield favorable results for those who work closely with it when the entire talk is about android app development.

  • Tabnine

Another great practical tool for the developers’ table is Tabnine. It is quite unique, and that is why it finds its name among android development tools in Android. It can be seen as an AI-backed code suggestion.

It makes inline code suggestions, making it easier for developers to go through app development. Its free plugin works great with Android studio. Moreover, it also shows excellent compatibility with Eclipse, IntelliJ, and even Webstorm. So, when you are busy making your list for the best tools you need to explore as a developer, this one is quite a versatile one to miss out on!

  • Unity3D

Many of us already know the buzz that Unity3D has created in the past. A simple game engine and IDE that facilitates the easy cross-platform making of games is among the most exciting resources to consider the moment developers are treading an interactive ground with app development. It brings in a host of exciting game-specific features.

Also, you can easily create two-dimensional and three-dimensional games, much like the name suggests. Its excellent all-in-one editor leaves behind coding and brings storytelling to the forefront. Several other brilliant aspects, such as a real-time engine for rendering and hands-on performance profiling tools, also come with this great platform. This is why we think developing android apps can be a whole lot easier if one has the right arsenal of knowledge about the most necessary tools.

  • Firebase

Quite an advanced tool compared to most others, it is a great go-to for android studio developers. It can best be understood as a mobile platform for developers that comes with various features. Most of these features are centered around cloud services and help save and retrieve data safely.

The platform can be used for multiple things such as crash reporting, hosting, cloud messaging, notifications, and even analytics. A tool for when you wish to explore app development in a slightly more refined manner, Firebase is another name to have on your list as a developer. After all, these tools can make or break your dream apps and the success they enjoy.

Key Takeaways

Is android app development easy? – This question continues to ring in our minds. While there is no doubt about the expertise and experience required, just like any other field, we think a lot of factors can make the process easy for developers.

Among those, the best practice is to have an exhaustive list of supporting tools ready before they get to work. This is why we have put together this curated list of the seven best android development tools to help you go far and wide in your app development journey. With a market that always seems to grow, we know we’re making the right apps that can get you. Dive deep in the world of android app development as you explore these helpful tools and so much more!

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