100+ Popular Meme Roblox ID Codes 2023

Roblox ID Codes: Due to modernization, Memes are getting increasingly popular in the current world. Everyone enjoys creating and seeing humorous stuff on the internet. This factor has a significant impact on game performance. When the meme sound or vines begin playing unexpectedly in a game, everyone senses a unique mood. Such sounds and memes are frequently utilized by Roblox players.

There are currently thousands of online memes. Therefore, I will just discuss popular meme sounds in this article. Using their respective IDs will enable you access to play them within your Roblox game.

What are Roblox Meme ID Codes?

Meme Roblox ID Codes are numbers that are given to specific audio files on the Roblox platform. They are often used to make memes or funny moments in games or social interactions. With these codes, the audio clip can be played in a game, a Roblox place, or a Roblox Studio project.

“Coffin Dance Meme” (code: 5048123650), “Oh Yeah Yeah” (code: 2578125671), “Nyan Cat” (code: 130786686), and “Spongebob Trap Remix” are all popular Meme Roblox ID Codes (code: 201373141). These codes are easy to find on many Roblox-related websites and forums, as well as on social media sites like Twitter and TikTok.

Here are some popular meme Roblox ID codes

  1. “Coffin Dance Meme” – 5048123650
  2. “Oh Yeah Yeah” – 2578125671
  3. “Nyan Cat” – 130786686
  4. “Spongebob Trap Remix” – 201373141
  5. “Shooting Stars” – 696511585
  6. “We Are Number One” – 549997414
  7. “Crab Rave” – 2590490779
  8. “Tunak Tunak Tun” – 1127186792
  9. “Havana” (Remix) – 1463115396
  10. “Old Town Road” (Remix) – 3183318678
  11. “Faded” – 569203853
  12. “Sad Violin” – 135308045
  13. “All-Star” – 1523363902
  14. “Baby Shark” – 2772866612
  15. “Peanut Butter Jelly Time” – 142422036
  16. “The Git Up” – 3088883449
  17. “Kahoot Theme” – 1175766891
  18. “Never Gonna Give You Up” – 1874176440
  19. “Spooky Scary Skeletons” – 160442087
  20. “Astronomia” – 4910762748
  21. “Mii Channel Theme” – 143666548
  22. “PPAP” – 525152068
  23. “I Like to Move It” – 157350498
  24. “Wii Shop Channel” – 141303447
  25. “Burger King Foot Lettuce” – 2030195797
  26. “Despacito” (Remix) – 1435812713
  27. “Tik Tok” (Remix) – 2766746150
  28. “Thomas the Tank Engine” – 1352585884
  29. “Wii Sports Theme” – 3106656207
  30. “X Files Theme” – 261372983
  31. “Africa” – 254994051
  32. “Benny Hill Theme” – 407176249
  33. “Billy Joel – Piano Man” – 153960331
  34. “Blue” – 362567158
  35. “Bonetrousle” – 331433740
  36. “Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom!!” – 152828706
  37. “Can Can” – 282859835
  38. “Caramelldansen” – 368833366
  39. “Careless Whisper” – 367878713
  40. “Circus” – 260667108
  41. “City Escape” – 144044330
  42. “Club Penguin” (Remix) – 3253010312
  43. “Dame Tu Cosita” – 2030162565
  44. “Darude – Sandstorm” – 166562385
  45. “Default Dance” – 1937354752
  46. “Dramatic Chipmunk” – 142392160
  47. “DuckTales Theme” – 144056530
  48. “Elevator Music” – 130768299
  49. “Fortnite Default Dance” – 1937354752
  50. “Gangnam Style” – 130844430
  51. “Gummy Bear” – 142281425
  52. “Haddaway – What is Love” –

What are Roblox image id memes?

Roblox Image ID memes are pictures or images that are uploaded to the Roblox platform and given a number code that can be used in games or Roblox Studio projects to show the picture. Various image editing programs can be used to make these memes, which often use popular internet memes, characters, or funny pictures.

“Surprised Pikachu” (code: 2965559380), “Doge” (code: 363352190), “This is fine” (code: 915482944), and “Expanding Brain” are all popular Roblox Image ID memes (code: 2457160426). These codes are easy to find on many Roblox-related websites and forums, as well as on social media sites like Twitter and Reddit.

Here’s a list of 50 Roblox Image ID memes

  1. Surprised Pikachu – 2965559380
  2. Doge – 363352190
  3. This is fine – 915482944
  4. Expanding Brain – 2457160426
  5. Distracted Boyfriend – 1121264284
  6. Shooting Stars – 2909209926
  7. Mocking Spongebob – 1238598373
  8. Change My Mind – 1290684081
  9. Arthur Fist – 1166937646
  10. Hide the Pain Harold – 2785474679
  11. Salt Bae – 1085736219
  12. Roll Safe – 871391381
  13. Spongebob Ight Imma Head Out – 4592908519
  14. Drake Hotline Bling – 473973374
  15. John Travolta Confused – 1091210071
  16. Is This a Pigeon? – 893490234
  17. Blinking White Guy – 938768953
  18. Drake No – 847993127
  19. Woman Yelling at a Cat – 4386808434
  20. Leonardo DiCaprio Cheers – 1144062414
  21. Drake Yes – 339699303
  22. Kermit Sipping Tea – 877587258
  23. Batman Slapping Robin – 438680935
  24. You Know I Had to Do It to Em – 1141865833
  25. Pikachu Surprised Face – 252703558
  26. Spongebob Chicken Meme – 896553955
  27. Epic Handshake – 1143568809
  28. Confused Nick Young – 877770648
  29. Pensive Patrick – 442855891
  30. Pikachu Facepalm – 1182798898
  31. Spiderman Pointing at Spiderman – 642181318
  32. Spongebob Mocking Meme – 445376847
  33. Two Buttons Meme – 966154154
  34. Spiderman Crying – 868110027
  35. Spongebob Squinting Meme – 1750136597
  36. Pikachu Dabbing – 460593722
  37. Thanos Snap Meme – 2234807723
  38. Angry Pikachu – 1215730536
  39. Pikachu Thinking – 293986386
  40. Spongebob Confused Meme – 1273733741
  41. Spongebob Rainbow Meme – 1223941608
  42. Spongebob Chocolate Meme – 1808243966
  43. Pikachu Meme Face – 518584791
  44. Pikachu With Thumbs Up – 165423192
  45. Spongebob Mocking Meme 2 – 1029030513
  46. Pikachu Surprised Meme – 799036233
  47. Spongebob Burn Meme – 1147018027
  48. Drake Approve Meme – 578059926
  49. Spongebob Savage Meme – 1282861738
  50. Pikachu Waving – 153756121

Best D4dj meme ID Roblox codes

Here are some of the best D4dj Meme Roblox ID codes to try:

  1. 8111153994 – Magnolia Remix – D4dj Meme Roblox ID
  2. Roblox ID: 8106441887 – D4dj Meme (Death Threats)

Advantages of using a D4dj meme ID on Roblox

Roblox is a game that lets people express themselves, make things, and share their experiences in a lot of different ways. One of the best ways to improve your gaming is to add D4dj meme music IDs to your game.

Not only does it add to the atmosphere of the game as a whole, but it also lets you listen to music that fits your tastes.

Some Popular Meme songs roblox id

Many meme songs have been uploaded to Roblox and given an ID code. This code can be used with the Boombox item or in Roblox Studio projects to play the song. Here are some popular Roblox ID codes for meme songs:

  • “Astronomia” (coffin dance song) – 5060172096
  • “Never Gonna Give You Up” by 187417644
  • “Megalovania” (Undertale) – 320993221 “All Star” – 152828706 “Coffin Dance” – 5006132781
  • “Crab Rave” – 2606672430
  • “We Are Number One” – 506249258
  • “Shooting Stars” is 696511585
  • “Running in the 90s” is 599114769
  • “Spooky Scary Skeletons” is 160442087.

Please keep in mind that these songs may not always be available on Roblox, and some songs may not be suitable for all ages or audiences.

How to fix a Roblox code that doesn’t work?

If a Roblox code isn’t working, there are a few things you can try:

Look for mistakes in the code: Check the code again to make sure you typed it in the right. Roblox codes are case-sensitive, so make sure that all of the letters and numbers you enter are in the right case.

Check the date it runs out: Some codes have expiration dates, so make sure the code you’re trying to use hasn’t expired.

Check to see what the rules are: Some codes may have specific terms and conditions that need to be met before they can be redeemed. Make sure you’ve read the code’s terms and conditions before you use it.

Contact support: If none of the steps above work, you can try to get help from Roblox support. They might be able to help you figure out what’s wrong or give you a new code if the one you already have isn’t working.

Also, some codes may only work in certain areas or on certain platforms, so make sure the code you want to use works with your account.

How to use Roblox ID?

Follow these steps to use a Roblox ID:

Look for the ID: Find the item’s numeric ID code. You’ll need this code to use the item in-game. This could be, among other things, a game, a piece of clothing, an accessory, or a sound effect. Most of the time, the ID code is in the URL of the item or on a third-party site that lists Roblox ID codes.

Copy the ID: Once you’ve found the ID code, you can select it and copy it to your clipboard.

Type the number into Roblox: Sign in to your Roblox account and go to the game or asset where you want to use the ID code. For example, if you want a sound effect to play in a game, you’ll need to use the ID code for that sound effect. Look for a text box or input field where you can type in an ID code.

Paste the ID: Paste the ID code you copied earlier into the right field and hit the enter key or click the confirmation button. Now, the game or asset should load the item that goes with the ID code. For example, it might play the sound effect or show the clothing item.

Keep in mind that not all ID codes will work in all games or for all assets, as some games may have specific rules or limits on what can be used. Also, some ID codes might not work or be restricted because of copyright or other legal issues.

Which song ID on Roblox is the funniest?

Humor is personal, and what makes one person laugh may not make another person laugh. But some Roblox song IDs are often associated with humor and meme culture. Here are just a few:

  • “We Are Number One” – 506249258
  • “Running in the 90s” – 599114769
  • “The Coffin Dance” – 5006132781
  • “The Muffin Song” is 1921667885
  • “Big Chungus” – 2627251523
  • “Skeletons That Make You Scared” – 160442087
  • “The Duck Song” is from 130791919
  • “Pen Pineapple Apple Pen” – 514126661
  • “Never G


Q: How do you get a Roblox ID code?

A: Roblox ID codes are numbers that can be used to find and use certain things in Roblox, like games, clothes, accessories, and sound effects.

Q: What are Roblox ID codes for memes?

A: Meme Roblox ID codes are special ID codes that players can use to add popular internet memes or viral trends to their games, avatar outfits, or sound effects.

Where can I find Roblox ID codes for memes?

A: Meme Roblox ID codes can be found on Roblox-related websites and forums, as well as on social media sites like Twitter and TikTok. Some popular Roblox ID codes are for the song “We Are Number One” and the avatar “Ugandan Knuckles.”

Q: Can I come up with my own Roblox ID?

A: No, Roblox ID codes are not made by users. Instead, the Roblox system gives them out. But you can make your own avatar clothes, games, and other things in Roblox by using the tools and assets that are there.

Q: Are all Roblox ID codes legal to use?

A: No, some Roblox ID codes may violate copyright or intellectual property rights, and using them without permission could get you in trouble with the law or cause your account to be shut down. You should ensure that any ID codes you use are legal and don’t break Roblox’s rules.


In conclusion, Roblox ID codes are numbers that are used to find specific things in Roblox, like games, clothes, accessories, and sound effects. Meme Roblox ID codes are specific ID codes that match popular internet memes or viral trends. You can find them on social media sites like Twitter and TikTok, as well as on websites and online forums that are all about Roblox.

You should ensure that any ID codes you use are legal and don’t break Roblox’s rules. Last but not least, using Roblox ID codes can be fun, but it’s important to be kind to other people and follow the game’s rules.

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