Top 10 Popular Games Right Now For PC 2022

Popular Games Right Now

Here we have gathered the most popular games right now. With every passing month, a new game is being developed and released in the gaming industry. The games are getting better and better with time. Not only the concept of the new games are mind-boggling but also the graphics are becoming realistic. Gaming is a business of billions of dollars and nobody seems to stop.

Many big franchises release amazing games every year. In this madness, there are thousands of games available in the market but only a few seem to dominate the gaming market.

Do you want to know about them? If yes, then keep reading this blog. Because in this blog, we have gathered the most popular games right now. We have selected these games based on their monthly users and the amount of love they get from the gaming community.

So, let’s get to the list of the Top 10 popular games right now!

List Of Top 10 Popular Games Right Now

1. Minecraft

The first game on our list is Minecraft. Well, who doesn’t know about Minecraft? At some point, we all fell in love with this game and it is not shocking that millions of players still play this game. It was popular and it is popular right now. The concept of the game is pretty interesting, it is an open-world game where you have to survive.

You can create a house, fight different creatures at the night and go fishing. Whatever you like, you can mine precious metals and make armor for yourself. Minecraft is available for PC and if you haven’t played it yet, go for it now!

2. Fall Guys

Fall Guys

Fall Guys is not as old as Minecraft is, but it also has millions of players. It is a battle royale game. It is a multiplayer game, you can enjoy it with your friends or some random person on the internet. The concept of the game is simple. Players are placed in different mini-games and they have to complete all levels to win the game. You will see different obstacles holding your way, you have to clear them and win the game.

If we talk about the graphics of the game, they are more like Roblox but not exactly like them. You should check it out yourself!

3. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

The next popular game right now is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. If you don’t know, it is a first-person shooting game. Its first version was released in 2012. You have to kill your enemies and win the game. You get to choose weapons, there are many cool weapons available in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. It has a 9/10 rating on stream which is a more than good rating. There are many cool maps in CS: GO. If you like shooting games then you are going to love this game.

4. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Call of Duty: Modern warfare is also a first-person shooting game. The concept of the game is pretty much the same as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. But the graphics of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is better. Other than the graphics, COD: Modern Warfare has many amazing maps and modes that CS: GO doesn’t have. Call of Duty: Modern warfare is nowadays very popular and many loyal fans are playing this game still to this date.

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5. Valorant


The next popular game right now is Valorant It is not as old as the previous games but equally loved and played. It is also a first-person shooting game. You have to fight in teams and defuse a bomb. The team that defuses the bomb and kills enemies wins.

The best thing about Valorant is the character designs. The character designs are so impressive that you can’t stop looking at them. I think that Valorant has one of the best character designs in the whole gaming industry. The game even got nominated for awards.

6. Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege

The next game is Tom Clancy’s Rainbow 6. It is another first-person shooting game. It is a tactical shooting game. You are part of a team called Rainbow. You have to complete different operations with your team. It is very fun to play and it is one of the most popular games right now. You get different cool gadgets and weapons in the game. There are over 9 modes in the game. You can never get bored playing this game.

7. League of Legends

It would be wrong if we don’t add League of Legends to the most popular games list. It is a battle arena game. You have to fight champions with your team. If we talk about the characters, they look amazing and all of them have epic skins. You should check it out if you haven’t yet.

8. Roblox

Who doesn’t know about Roblox? It is one of the best games in the gaming industry today. It is a game based on game creation. The players can create games and play them. These games can be anything that the player wishes. It doesn’t have crazy graphics but they are pretty normal.

9. Apex Legends

The next game is Apex Legends. If you play games, you would know that it is very trendy now. It is a shooter game, mainly a battle royal shooting game. It has many cool weapons and characters. It has a 9/10 rating on steam. You should check it out.

10. FIFA 22


The last game on the list is FIFA 22. The concept of the game is the same as the previous sequels. It is also a football simulation game but with better graphics. If you like football games then you will love this game. It is one of the most popular games right now.

Final Verdict

The games that we have mentioned are the top 10 popular games right now. These games have millions of monthly users and gamers love to play these games. If you haven’t played any of these games, then you should try them. I am pretty sure you’ll also love them.
Lastly, I hope that you liked this list, let us know which game is your favorite.

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