4 Phone Apps To Help You Study For Your MCAT- Best In 2022


Apps To Help You Study For Your MCAT: The Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) is a dreaded and well-known phrase among those who want to attend medical school. The exam is used to evaluate potential students’ verbal thinking, physical science, and biological science understanding. The MCAT is often taken in the year before you want to apply to medical school, giving you time to retake the test if you do not obtain the scores you were hoping for.

Choosing when to take the MCAT is a process in and of itself, but you should start with a strategy on how to be ready for it. If you are preparing early, the prospect of having to thoroughly prepare yourself for the MCAT while balancing normal coursework, other time obligations, or both are intimidating, especially if you don’t know where to begin.

Start with the fundamentals and learn what the MCAT comprises as a first step on a challenging road. What precisely will be on the MCAT may be determined by visiting the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) website, which is designed for medical students both present and prospective.

Since you’ll probably be preparing for the MCAT while juggling a hectic schedule, you might not have enough time to sit down and finish your homework. Try installing any of the following applications on your smartphone to take your studying on the go while you go about your everyday activities rather than worrying about how you can’t find time to just study.

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Ready4 MCAT (formerly Prep4 MCAT)

Ready4 MCAT (formerly Prep4 MCAT)

This app encourages you to squeeze studying in during your downtime by giving you 24/7 access to information from The Princeton Review. Over 70 courses, 1,000 in-depth flashcards, and 1,600 practice questions are all included in the program. The software will automatically track your progress with the material as you use it more frequently. You may more easily determine what subject you have learned and what you need to spend more time on thanks to the tracking. The practice exams on the app may be tailored to your preferences, so you can make the most of your study time with it.

The app provides information on leading medical schools as well as content to aid in your studies. You may compare your level of study to your final objective by looking at each school’s average MCAT score, ranking in the country, and tuition cost.

Be advised that while the first download and the first few classes are free as a trial, you must pay $149.99 to access the app’s whole library. In the long run, it will be more affordable than other MCAT courses that cost approximately $2,000 or other pricy preparation materials, even if it may seem like a lot of money now.

MCAT Mnemonics

MCAT Mnemonics

You may get access to memory aids and acronyms to help you with your MCAT preparation for 99 cents. While it doesn’t have as much information as some other MCAT-related applications, it does provide accessible and useful content for mobile learning. You may use the app to search for and filter mnemonics based on topics like anatomy, biology, and physics. You can also save items to a favorite list for quick access, change the wording of pre-existing mnemonics, and even create your mnemonics.

Although the app’s simplicity may be off-putting, it can be more effective as you might not want to dive into thick information during your commute or during a break between courses.

SDN MCAT Comprehensive

The Student Doctor Network (SDN) sells an app for $2.99 that enables prospective medical students to study for the MCAT as effectively as possible while on the road. Although it does not provide study guides that are as in-depth as those in other programs or prep books, it does include condensed study guides that contain only the information that is most frequently evaluated on the MCAT.

Along with the ability to create random quizzes, you may design your tests and save them for later use. The content of the app is simple to navigate and enables users to quickly identify the topics they need additional assistance with. Users can email questions from the app to themselves for study elsewhere.

Higher Learner Technologies’ MCAT Mastery 2017

The MCAT 2015 is supported by the app, which also includes updated sociology, biochemistry, and psychology. Users may obtain study materials to assist them to pass the MCAT. The app’s initial download is cost-free because it is a trial version. You will have unrestricted access to the app for life, though, if you opt to upgrade and show commitment.

Full access material includes verbal reasoning sections, new practice problems for the 2017 exam, over 1,500 MCAT practice questions, over 100 mnemonics for memory aids, and a tracking feature to monitor your progress in the app and with your MCAT preparation.

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