Use Transcription To Optimize Approach For Content Marketing- Best In 2021

Optimize Your Approach For Content Marketing

This digital era calls for innovative marketing strategies, and one of them is audio/video transcription. You must have heard this term before, but only a few marketers excel at using it effectively. Being an entrepreneur, you might like to optimize your content marketing approach through advanced digital strategies. Well, there is nothing wrong with thinking like that. However, one should know which methods will give optimal results by the end of the day.

While talking about optimal results, try considering ‘transcription’ to optimize your approach for content marketing. Many digital marketers adopt the same strategy, as they know how beneficial it can be for their business. Similarly, learning a little about using transcription will not do you any harm. It will only assist you in optimizing your marketing strategy, with several rewards in the future. While keeping this in mind, it is time to find out about transcription.

What is Transcription?

Businesses have learned the importance of embracing videos to stay at the top. Almost 70% of web traffic gets generated through videos. Therefore, one cannot deny that visual content is essential to win the game. When videos are translated and explained in a written format, that’s known as ‘transcription.’ It merely means transcribing the visual content to increase the website’s engagement.

While talking about transcriptions, one should know how much to pay for transcripts. Experts usually charge transcribing rates per hour according to the visual content. It is better to confirm the rates and content quality before finalizing the deal.

Why is it so important?

If digital marketing content is a glacier you see right above the water, transcriptions are the bottom part. What you see is the upper part, completely ignoring the rest of the 70% glacier. It is the value of transcripts in the digital world. The sooner the marketers start giving importance to the bottom part, the better their content strategy will become over time.

Therefore, if you already have content in a video format on your site, you will need transcripts for it. Through transcribing videos to written content, you will attain benefits like:

  • Improvement in SEO visibility
  • Better user experience
  • Higher accessibility
  • Assurance of delivering the right message

Now, it is time to learn how to use transcription to optimize your approach to content marketing.

  • Try to Pay attention to the videos while transcribing them:

One way to put this in simpler words; do not sleep while transcribing your videos. When creating online marketing content through recorded audios or podcasts, pay close attention to the minute details. Many writers take it as an afterthought and create a word-to-word translation of it. By bypassing transcriptions like this, such businesses miss out on the opportunity to bring value to their content.

Another obvious advantage of transcriptions is catering to the hearing-impaired audience. If your transcripts are not engaging enough, you will lose out on the massive chunk of the audience. Therefore, think wisely and choose the optimal words while transcribing audios. Try to pick its essence and explain it beautifully.

By doing so, you will further improve your chances to appear in the top search results. It happens because your entire video transforms into searchable text or dialogues. Rather than generating a few keywords and using them to optimize your site, you get to use the whole transcripts.

  • Use it for captioning the videos:

Be it Netflix, AmazonPrime, Facebook, or any other social site, captions are crucial. According to Facebook, almost 85% of their videos get views on silent mode. That means adding captions to the videos in this video-dominated world is something businesses cannot ignore anymore. Also, to satisfy and engage a local and a global audience, try adding captions in different languages. It will help increase user engagement, and your site will have the potential to expand its reach.

  • Utilize the videos effectively:

Content marketing strategy does not comprise a single thing. It is a multifunctional strategy, with different types of content creation happening at the same time. When referring to transcribing videos to texts, know that you can extract information in many ways. From transcribing the videos word-by-word to pulling out relevant quotes for presentation and graphics, you can make fair use of it.

You can further extract valuable insights from the audios or videos and utilize them effectively on social media sites. Moreover, you can optimize your site by posting visual and written content for your audience’s support. Apart from that, transcripts can increase web traffic on your blogging site, where you can post transcripts with relevant, informative content.

Afterwards, try to target some keywords in your transcripts with backlinking, wherever possible. Soon, this content strategy of yours will be making headlines with more people switching to your site. In this way, you will be increasing your Google ranking in return.

However, keep in mind to continuously upgrade your content with better and engaging transcripts. Create transcripts for the blogs that complement the topic well and subtly use keywords.

  • Invest in podcasts to drive organic traffic:

Digital agencies understand how lucrative podcasts can be for their business. Therefore, you will come across many digital creators using podcasts to up their online game. Podcasts that make it to the top get packed with actionable advice and information. Each episode has something binge-worthy to watch, and with the help of transcripts, these podcasts can churn excellent results. By investing in podcasts and leveraging transcripts, your business has a shot at driving organic traffic, with improved accessibility to content podcasted.

Through this content strategy, you can repurpose the transcripts by developing first-person engaging social media posts. Either way, you will do yourself a huge favour by staying active on the podcasting platform and using transcription effectively.

  • Consider video-blogging as it is the latest trend:

As mentioned above, transcripts can help with your blogging channel as well. However, there is a new term for it, known as ‘Vlogging.’ All you have to do here is record many creative video blogs and transcribe them into SRT and TXT files. Use the text file transcripts as the copy that appears under the embedded videos on your blog. The SRT file is mainly useful to provide the audience with captions while uploading videos on your YouTube or Facebook.

The Bottom Line:

It is necessary to note that a large segment of your audience engages with you only because of your transcribed content. Not everyone surfs the internet intending to play videos with sound. Most of the videos appeal to them due to their eye-catching titles, subtitles, and video description. As a marketer, if you cannot offer transcripts to your audience, you fail at using transcription like a pro. So think wisely and invest in this growing content marketing strategy right away.

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