OneRep Review- Remove Your Personal Information From Any Search Engines- Best In 2021

OneRep Review- Remove Your Personal Information

Each time you go online, your data footprint piles up with more and more personal information. This data legacy could wipe out any chances of maintaining privacy. And when privacy gets fuzzy, you can run into countless troubles—there are scams, spam, identity theft, online stalking, doxing, harassment, and the list goes on.

This is why there are lots of privacy services today, offering to keep your data safe. Data removal companies stand out among them as more people try to cut down their data trails.

OneRep is one such business that’s using automated tools to provide a speedy, reliable, and hassle-free data removal service. So, let’s find out how it can help you get your personal data off the internet.

What is OneRep?

By its own definition, OneRep helps users protect their privacy. To be more specific, the company scans the web for your personal records that appear on people search sites and then delete them automatically.

But why focus on people search sites? These are data brokers that collect massive volumes of personal information from different sources. By analyzing and organizing data, they profile each individual. These profiles help them make money, usually through people search services. They could even sell collated data to anyone willing to pay for it, including nosy marketers, spammers, scammers, cybercriminals, and others.

So, getting personal data removed from these sites is crucial if you want to keep it private and protect yourself from online threats. And that’s exactly what OneRep promises to do. Its data brokers list includes over 100 websites and covers both large-scale people search sites like and, as well as smaller ones -.

OneRep’s Features We Loved

Straightforward and easy to use

Subscribing to OneRep is pretty straightforward and literally takes just a few seconds. To begin with, the platform offers a free scan to assess your privacy level and discover which data brokers publish your information. You’ll have to provide your first and last name together with your city and state to launch the scan.

What is OneRep

OneRep’s Features We Loved

The next step is setting up an account. For that, you’ll need to give your email address. After that, OneRep will display all search results on a simple dashboard. It’ll then start removing content from data aggregators while keeping you updated on its progress. Overall, the entire process is seamless and hassle-free and demands minimal user intervention after setting up the account.

OneRep Reviews

OneRep Review1

Reliable and accurate

Here’s a statement OneRep boldly displays on its website: “With OneRep you can be sure, your name, current and previous addresses, phone numbers, photos of your home, age won’t pop up on Google search any longer.” Indeed, even after the first few weeks of use, a lot of OneRep users notice the difference—some of them start getting fewer robocalls, and many report a significant drop in spam mail.

OneRep relies on automation technologies to screen and remove data. This allows the company to improve the accuracy, reliability, and speed of its services. You can also help OneRep improve search results by adding an unlimited number of previous addresses, phone numbers, and name variations to your account.

We also liked the level of transparency the platform maintains. For instance, OneRep is upfront about which data aggregator sites it will remove your information from and clearly displays them on its website.

OneRep Review2

Continuous monitoring

Another plus we noted is the continuous monitoring of your data footprint. Ongoing automated scans quickly detect any new personal data that turns up online so that OneRep could get it removed. The company also sends out monthly email updates to its users to keep them informed of progress.

Free trial

OneRep offers a 5-day free trial to all its customers. So, you get the chance to get a first-hand feel of its services before opting for a paid subscription. The company will only bill you once the trial period is over. You can cancel your subscription anytime during that period if you feel the service is not right for you.

What Can Be Improved

The only downside we found is that OneRep is only available to US residents. So, if you’re from a different geographic location, it won’t be the best option to help get your data removed.

How Much Does It Cost?

Overall, OneRep prices are competitive and very reasonable. We also liked the uncomplicated pricing plans on offer. For example, it only has two options for solo users: Individual and Individual+. The Individual package is the basic plan priced at $14.99 per month. In addition, the company offers a 45% discount for annual subscriptions that amounts to $8.33 per month. There’s also a family option that covers up to 6 members for $15 per month when you sign up for a yearly plan.

The company recommends Individual+ only for special cases where you might need personal data removed from websites that are particularly challenging to opt-out of. These sites don’t appear on OneRep’s standard removal list and will often require extra work. Of course, this is a premium service available at a $229.95 monthly fee.

Below is the summary of OneRep’s offerings:

OneRep’s offerings

Bottom Line

So, should you get a OneRep subscription? The answer is yes if you’re mindful of your privacy and want to protect your personal data from getting into the wrong hands. There are two main reasons for this. First, removing data from countless aggregator sites takes a lot of time and effort, which many people can’t afford. The stakes are even higher when extremely sensitive information, like home addresses, SSNs, and financial details, turns up online.

Second, removing data once from aggregator sites does not assure long-term anonymity. What one site removes could end up on another site months later as new people-search engines spring up. So, keeping your records off the internet requires continuous work— often too much work for an average person to tackle single-handedly. OneRep promises to take this workload off you, and it sticks to its promise by offering a hassle-free and reliable experience. Its straightforward sign-up, simple pricing plans, free trials, and automated opt-out and monitoring processes are all designed to deliver this.

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