NordLayer Business VPN Review- Best VPN For Businees In 2022

NordLayer Business VPN Review

NordLayer is one of the most trusted adaptive network access security solutions created for modern business. NordLayer is created by the creator of NordVPN which is the most trusted cyber security entity. Nord security has a wide range of products in the network security domain such as NordPass (password manager), NordLocker (file encryption and storing tool), NordVPN (personal VPN), and NordWL (toolkit for building VPN products).

NordLayer Business VPN is specifically designed for catering to Small & Medium-sized Enterprises

(SMEs), Freelancers, and Remote Teams alike. It can be used as a team-oriented business VPN manager.  This tool will help you to manage all your remote employees through a web-based dashboard and will eliminate the hassle of managing their VPN setup and security issues.

Also, the process of deploying things is very easy. You just have to click only one or two times to add a new user, the user will get an email from where he or she has to download the VPN app, the app is downloaded and installed you are ready to go.

NordLayer Servers

NordLayer Servers

The platform has a user base of 40,000+ users around the globe from 4,000+ super-secured organizations. Also, if you are thinking about the server location, no need to worry, NordLayer has 30+ global server locations.

You can use NordLayer servers to conduct QA and automated tests, whether you are thousands of kilometers away, you can easily view the quality of a product from different virtual locations.

NordLayer Features

NordLayer Features

  • There are tons of security features and general advantages that have been added to NordLayer. Here’s are some key advantages:
  • It offers next-generation site-to-site tunneling that helps to secure the precious data of the organizations.
  • AES 256-encryption to protect from a data breach.
  • You can set access permissions to the selected IPs across the network.
  • You can use it to monitor product performance in markets worldwide to optimize the SEO and ad ranks globally.
  • There is Two-factor authentication (2FA) which works as an additional layer of security, apart from this they offer biometric authentication as well.
  • It automatically detects jailbreaks and rooted devices.
  • Supports single sign-On (SSO) with Azure AD, OneLogin, Okta & G Suite.

NordLayer Customer Support

If you are worrying that if any problem occurs how will you be able to solve that? You don’t have to worry about it. NordLayer offers 24/7 customer support, you can even reach out via chat and email. Also, there are blogs and FAQs on the NordLayer site that covers almost all the general problems.

Additional Features and Information

  • The product is designed with businesses in mind, It provides dynamic network access security for the companies.
  • With the OVPN system, NordLayer delivers high performance, powerful data encryption, and best-in-class security practices at all times.
  • With the latest WireGaurd Protocol, NordLayer will be able to offer a faster, more secure, and easier maintenance form of tunneling.
  • If we talk about legality and trustworthiness, NordLayer has the international ISO / IEC 27001 certification for managing data security, with SOC2 to ensure that things are secured.
  • The servers which are being used by NordLayer are diskless (RAM only). It means no information can be physically taken from servers. Also, it can be wiped easily and remotely as a part of regular security procedures.

NordLayer Pricing

NordLayer Pricing

If you have made up your mind to go with NordLayer and look for the best pricing. NordLayer has three types of different pricing options depending on the size of your organization. Here’s the list.

  • The Basic Plan is for smaller businesses and is priced at $9.00/user on a monthly

subscription or $84.00 per year — a saving of $22.00

  • The Advanced Plan is for medium businesses and is priced at $11.00/user on a monthly

subscription or $108.00 per year — a saving of $24.00

  • The Custom Plan is for enterprise businesses and is available by acquiring a quote via a

free consultation with NordLayer specialists.

Want to try NordLayer? Check out the website here

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