Why Your Sales Team Need a Virtual Phone Number? Best In 2021

Why Your Sales Team Need a Virtual Phone Number?

Imagine starting your business a decade or two ago. You would begin with office space, buy some furniture, a landline phone. Wait did you hear a landline number? Yes, of course. You would need one to host business communication. 

Let’s come back to the future and now see what all do we need to start a business?

Office space? You can work from home!

Furniture? Ok, you can set your desk space. 

Landline numbers? Definitely not!

In a digitally-driven era, the telecom industry has come a long way. From being a physically attached analogue line to a virtually hosted cloud telephony, the way businesses communicate has changed. 

Virtual phone numbers make it easier for business leaders to connect and communicate with their teams, customers, and clients. To add to this, you can call your international customers without paying much. Let’s say you are a charitable trust and looking for the installation of a business phone. Simply check 0300 call cost from cNumber, connect with their team, and have the service installed in no time. 

Also, this is just one instance. There is an array of choices like cNumber when it comes to a virtual phone number. You can be based on your needs, select and deploy one or more for your business. 

What is a Virtual Phone Number?

A lot has been said about business communication and the virtual phone number but what exactly is a virtual phone number and how is it different from the analogue ones?

Virtual telephony is a cloud-based solution that hosts business communication over remote servers. Where the traditional telephones are region-specific and fixed to the office desk, the virtual telephone numbers are accessible from anywhere across the globe. They improve the quality of communication and also the number of leads generated for your business. 

Isn’t that fascinating? 

Now that you know what virtual phone numbers are, let us see how they can help your sales team make business? 

Why Does Your Sales Team need to Deploy a Virtual Phone Number?

  • Remain active 24/7 

In the modern era, no business can afford to remain inactive for long. In fact, today businesses flaunt how they excel in serving their customers throughout the day and at all hours. In such a situation, if your business fails to meet the customer’s expectations, you would be laid behind, harming your brand value. 

A virtual phone number offers ubiquitous access and with this, you will have the ease to stay live 24/7. Your executives can answer calls, irrespective of whether they are within the office, or travelling to a place or in the homes. 

  • Route Calls When Agents are Inactive

Virtual phone numbers aren’t just a way to communicate but have a lot to offer. They have an embedded IVR facility that has a preferred response. Whenever a customer calls a number, he/she is first greeted by the automated voice message. Depending upon the inputs provided by the customer, the call is transferred to the appropriate agent. Also, if an agent, at any point in time, is inactive, the call would be passed on to the next live agent. 

  • CRM Integration

Virtual phone numbers offer the ease to integrate customer relationship management software with the system. This way the executives would have an idea of who the customer is and what are their past experiences with the company. With this, the executives can better address the concerns of the user, rendering optimal solutions. 

  • Conference or multiple calling

Virtual phone numbers have a feature where a single number can be used with different extensions. This allows you to answer multiple calls at the same time. For instance, suppose a customer calls, and the same is transferred to the first agent. Even though the two are still in a conversation, a second customer can easily connect and the call is passed on to the next live agent. This way your customers will never have to wait before getting an answer.

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The sole purpose of a sales team is to generate leads and a virtual phone number helps in exactly the same. From communicating with customers 24/7 to serving them right, a virtual phone number will help you win prospects, convert them to leads, and generate revenue. But obviously, first, learn about 0300 call cost from cNumber (or of other area codes) so that you could decide if it fits your budget.

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