MultCloud Review 2021- Great Help To Manage Files through Clouds

What is MultCloud?

As a leading cloud file manager on a website, MultCloud can help you easily achieve cloud data management such as cloud migration, cloud synchronization, cloud backup, file upload, and download between cloud drive services quickly and securely through a single interface with a single login.

What is MultCloud

Even as a free user in MultCloud, you can not only manage clouds without any limitation about transfer speed but also be able to manage more than 30 major cloud drives like Google Drive, Dropbox, Mega, OneDrive, etc. at once.

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Extraordinary Features about MultCloud

Log In Once but Use Continuously

There’s no need to log in to your cloud accounts every time you open the browser anymore. Once you authorize MultCloud to access your clouds, all the clouds added to MultCloud will appear under the “My Cloud Drives” list. Then you can easily switch to different clouds in the list but not in another browser window.

Log In Once but Use Continuously

Cloud Transfer

Want to migrate Dropbox to OneDrive but is tired of downloading and uploading? MultCloud provides you with a great solution to simplify the migration. You can use Cloud Transfer to transfer, migrate or move folders and files like documents, photos or videos, or even a whole cloud from one cloud drive to another simply through the selection window about source and destination.

Cloud Sync

You are allowed to achieve cloud to cloud, cloud to folder, or folder to cloud sync in MultCloud to back up files among cloud drives without shifting from one cloud account to another. Besides the data in cloud drives, you can also back up MySQL database to other online storage like FTP to protect the data from unexpected disasters.

What’s more, as a free user, you can have 3 basic sync modes like one-way sync, two-way sync, and real-time sync. And if you are a paying user, you can get another 6 sync modes under the normal one-way sync function.

Cloud Sync

Schedule Your Task

What makes the Cloud Transfer and Cloud Sync more intelligent is that you can set a schedule of the transferor sync task with the periods like daily, weekly, or monthly at a certain time set by you.

In this way, you can obtain a more automated cloud sync and backup experience and save you much time on cloud management while owning better security assurance of your files since the backup can runs regularly without your notice.

Remote Upload

Apart from those basic functions such as public or private sharing, uploading, downloading, copying, pasting, cutting, deleting, renaming, previewing to manage your clouds with great convenience, MultCloud offers you another way to upload files to your clouds.

This function is typical to help you when you only own the link, torrent, or magnet of the online file but don’t have the file on your device. You can then use Remote Upload to straightly upload the files to your clouds instead of downloading the file from the internet first.

Recommended and Other Plans to Subscribe

MultCloud offers you 4 recommended plans and two other plans which the first one is for free and the other 5 plans require payment. The biggest difference between free users and paying users is that all the paying users can have the additional functions illustrated below:

  1. The 6 custom options in one-way sync.
  2. Upload 4 parallel URLs or torrents at a time.
  3. Quintupled transfer speed.
  4. Perform two real-time sync tasks at a time.
  5. Transfer or sync files with a filter to set filename or certain extensions automatically.
  6. VIP transfer server and customer support.
  7. Traffic limitation is from 150 GB per month to unlimited per year or for lifelong.

However, the only three differences between the 5 paid plans are the length, price, and corresponding traffic limitation of subscription.

Subscription Plan

Security Protocol

You can worry that adding so many cloud drives into MultCloud may put your data at risk in consideration of the single sign-on function and the transferred data through MultCloud.

MultCloud uses an OAuth authorization system to build up connections to all your cloud accounts without username and password. You can rest assured that the OAuth system is supported by major cloud drive services like Google Drive, SkyDrive, Dropbox, etc.

Practically, MultCloud only works as a channel between those cloud accounts. The data which you want to transfer through MultCloud is securely kept in source and target cloud services but not MultCloud. And the 256-bit AES Encryption which MultCloud uses will effectively protect your data from being tampered with, intercepted, or cracked.

If you are still worried about security, you can try MultCloud without signing in. MultCloud will offer you a temporary account without any of your personal information.

Some Tips You May Need

As soon as you start to use MultCloud to manage cloud drives, you are very likely to discover some auxiliary functions such as user-defined passwords in private share, email notification, and legible task list which will make your management and cloud life more efficient, simpler, and securer.

What should be mentioned is that MultCloud only provides the website platform to you up to now. So please make sure that you use a computer on daily basis.

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