How to Monitor Someone’s Cell Phone Messages For Free: Best In 2020

Monitor Someone’s Cell Phone Messages

Since the ability of phones to send messages, many have been wanting to monitor them. The methods that we come across have made people to either use them or search for something more promising.

The latter is often true since scamming and click baits are on the rise. That is why you need an assuring way to monitor the target’s cell phone messages. We have one of them here that has never disappointed the masses.

It is loaded with other features that will come in handy as you monitor texts remotely. So, it’s a monitoring solution with more benefits than you expect.

Part 1: Monitor Cell Phone Messages with Spyzie

When getting someone’s SMSs, you expect the process to be silent and fruitful at the same time. Otherwise, you will be dealing with confrontations you don’t want to answer. Spyzie solution is aware of that, and that is why it will never tell when it’s present.

People have used it for many different reasons. That is attributed to the fact that it can monitor more than the texts. It possesses more than 30 features that you can use remotely after setting up the application on the targeted phone.

In-text messages, here is what Spyzie will get:

  • All the sent and received messages
  • Timestamps
  • Contact details
  • Any attached files

These results are brought to you regardless of whether you are targeting an Android or iOS phone. The app works with both without any difficulties. You don’t need to encounter the rooting or jailbreaking tricks that you have heard before.

Spyzie has cutting-edge technologies that do not need you to interfere with how the mobile device works. That implies the phone will be the same before, during, and after the setup.

To get the messages in Android, a one-time installation is inevitable. In iOS, you don’t need the downloading and installation. Spyzie will make use of the iCloud credentials to retrieve the messages online.

Once the setup is complete, this is is one of the monitoring apps that disappear. That is enabled by the stealth mode feature that allows the app’s icon to hide. So, after the installation, the solution will be working in the background.

For you to monitor the messages, you have to log in to your Spyzie account. This is what you created first before acquiring the application. It’s free to set up the account. When you access it, the messages and all the other details will be available.

If you are monitoring an iOS device, you will even see the deleted iMessages. The solution will be getting them from the iCloud backup. The updates received can be viewed using any internet-enabled device.

Monitoring takes place on a control panel that works with all browsers. The only thing you will be needing is an internet connection. To see how Spyzie works, read this page to see the features and how you can benefit from them.

You can also visit the main website.

Part 2: How to Monitor Someone’s Cell Phone Messages Using Spyzie Solution

What You Need

  1. In Android, make sure it has Android 4.0 and above
  2. For iOS, Spyzie works with version 7.0 or later
  3. Internet connection
  4. An email address

Steps to Start Monitoring the Texts

Step 1: Register an account on Spyzie’s main website. Next, choose the targeted phone’s platform and proceed to select one of the plans.

Create your account on Spyzie

Step 2: After getting your favourite plan, an email will arrive with all the confirmation details. In Android, you will also get a download link.

Step 3: For Android, use the link in the email to install Spyzie on the targeted phone. Activate the stealth mode feature and then finish the installation process.

Spyzie installation wizard

Step 4: In iOS, after the email, login to your account and input the iPhone’s iCloud ID. Next, select the phone with the messages and wait for the Spyzie and iCloud synchronization.

Step 5: When you re-access your account, the dashboard will reveal the phone’s summary. The features you require will be on the left menu.

To monitor the messages, use the ‘Messages’ and ‘iMessages’ links to see what’s in store.

Spyzie Messages

NB: There are many other features that you can utilize. Spyzie never stores all the information you get on the dashboard as part of security measures. Instead, it’s synced when you log in to your account.

Part 3: Benefits of Using Spyzie to Monitor Cell Phone Messages

This is what you will get once you use Spyzie on the targeted phone:

  • Quick setup process that takes less than five minutes
  • No rooting or jailbreaking of the targeted phone
  • Real-time updates in your online account
  • More features apart from SMS monitoring
  • No battery draining as Spyzie fetches the data
  • Stealth mode operation which means your target will never know
  • Remote uninstallation via the control panel
  • No malware introduced on the targeted phone

Part 4: What Else Can You Monitor with Spyzie?

Social Media Activities

This solution will also reveal all the social apps activities. Use it to get the FB, Twitter, WhatsApp, and Snapchat messages among others. The information will include the contact details, timestamps, and attached files.

Location and Geofencing

You can also use Spyzie to detect the phone’s real-time location. It uses the GPS or connected Wi-Fi to tell the exact place, and all the other previously visited places. For Geofencing, it lets you set up restricted zones and an email to alert you.

Contacts and Calls

These features arrest the saved contacts and all the calls from the phone. In the call log information, Spyzie will fetch the contact details, timestamps, and call duration.

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Spyzie will help you get all the messages you need from the victim’s phone. All you need is to follow the instructions given, and you will be sorted. Once you pay for the whole package, the messages feature will be there for free.

There will be no hidden charges after the setup process. If you would like to use it for other monitoring purposes, the 30+ features will help you attain your objective.

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