What Mobile Apps Can Help You With Your Studies In 2021

What mobile apps can help you with your studies?

Technological innovations are changing the approach to learning day by day. The current concept of EdTech, which began with distance education, is now attracting a lot of talented specialists. There are new methods that combine learning with gaming and entertainment, as well as more and more mobile solutions that allow access to lectures and assignments anytime, anywhere in the world.

With funding growing, new companies are working at the intersection of education and technology, and, of course, new products that involve technologies such as artificial intelligence and virtual reality in a more active way.


An interactive educational platform dedicated to step-by-step learning of leading programming languages – JavaScript, Pyton, Swift. The educational base contains theoretical information, practical tasks, and tests. The main target audience of the application is beginners who want to learn to program.

That is why the information is given from the basic to more advanced level and includes many practical tasks, allowing to master the subject by trial and error. After the passage of each course, there is a statistic about the work done, and then you get an internal currency, for which you can buy new information. Here are leaderboards, challenges of increasing difficulty, and user-generated problems.

Chemistry Pro 2020

One of the best chemistry apps suitable for all levels, from elementary school to university. Contains more than 20 topics, including basic chemistry, organic and nuclear chemistry, classification of elements, and a dictionary with more than 500 terms. Each topic contains an introduction, examples, equations, and definitions are provided with a link to “Wikipedia.”

Convenient navigation allows you to quickly navigate through the topics, especially for those who are used to studying at night, a night mode of design is available. A separate block contains information about scientists who have made great contributions to the development of chemical science and received prizes and awards for their work. Such an application will make you forget about the thought of who will write my essay.

Khan Academy

One of the most successful and “longest-running” projects in education for everyone began when Harvard graduate Salmon Khan helped his sister, who lived in another city, to solve a math problem in a very unusual way. He recorded a video of the solution and uploaded it to Youtube.

The idea was born to create a series of short tutorials on subjects ranging from mathematics and computer science to finance and global history. The application contains thousands of interactive exercises, videos, articles, adapted for different levels of experience – from schoolchildren to students and university professors. Khan Academy provides easy access to all the content of the portal from mobile devices, the user can download the content of interest and save it to study later at any free time, regardless of Internet access.


The online language learning app is available in web, iOS, and Android versions. The developers used neural networks to quickly and accurately determine the level of language proficiency. Artificial intelligence “adjusts” each course for the individual student, determines what words and at what time to learn, on which topics to focus, and in which the user is sufficiently well oriented and can be skipped.

Foreign language teachers can create their own classes in the app, to which they can invite users by sending them a unique link. “Course Creation Wizard” gives the teacher the ability to keep track of what topics students have completed, how much time was spent learning, where progress is most evident, and what should be repeated.


The best app for lesson planning according to the annual The Tech Advocate Awards is Nearpod, an online platform that allows teachers to use accessible and understandable tools to create and share presentations right during lessons – children are connected to view them from their mobile devices.

You can participate in sessions from any device and on any platform. Teachers have access to more than 7,000 lessons developed by leading educational resources. Based on a given model, a teacher can adapt it to the needs and level of their group. The free version allows making slides with images, text, and audio tracks. In the paid version you can create slide shows, quizzes, add charts and graphs, use drawing tools. Thus, every student or pupil is involved in the process of lessons, and the teacher immediately sees the result of each.

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