Microsoft Remote Desktop App for iOS Gets a Major Update

Microsoft Remote Desktop is the most practical way to handle your Windows environment within the iOS ecosystem. It seemed the developer has forgotten about it to focus on the exquisite Android-Windows integration that exists today.

Contrary to expectations, Microsoft announced this week a major update to the app that promises to bring many new features, including support for the new 2019 iPhones, and iOS 13-night mode compatibility.

Version 10.0.0 brings a new interface of the app and includes support for microphone redirection, local storage, and even camera. That is, it will indeed be possible to control the computer in a much more integrated way from now on.

It’s been well over a year since we last updated the Remote Desktop Client for iOS. However, we are back in the game with an exciting update, with many more to follow at a regular cadence from here on out.

Official Release Note

Check out what’s new in the Microsoft Remote Desktop update:

  • Support for the Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) service.
  • Brand new Connection Center UI.
  • Brand new in-session UI for switching between connected PCs and apps.
  • New layout for the auxiliary on-screen keyboard.
  • Improved external keyboard support.
  • Support for SwiftPoint Bluetooth mice.
  • Support for microphone redirection.
  • Local storage redirection support.
  • Support for camera redirection (Windows 10 1809 or later required).
  • Support for new iPhone and iPad devices.
  • Dark and light theme support.
  • Control whether your phone can lock when connected to a remote PC or app.
  • Collapse the in-session connection bar with a long-press on the Remote Desktop logo.

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