Microsoft PowerPoint Definition– History, Functions And Benefits- Best In 2021

Microsoft PowerPoint Definition

Often when you hear the word Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft Word your mind will immediately focus on the word “Presentations are not monotonous, with variants of transitions, slide templates, and unusual views, and presentations that are different from usual.

” or you who often hear it but are still confused about what it does?

Originally, many discussions could be discussed about Microsoft Office PowerPoint, from general to in-depth. But before going deep into something, you must first know the basics. Now we discuss general things about Microsoft PowerPoint starting from its history, understanding, functions to benefits. Let’s see the explanation.

History of Microsoft Office PowerPoint

In 1987, the first version of Microsoft PowerPoint, version 1.0 in black and white, which can only be used on certain computers, was used by Bob Gaskins and Dennis Austin as presenters at a Forethought company. Which then the application was purchased by Microsoft office and then inaugurated. Until now, it has been used as a subsidiary of its application or its business subsidiary, Microsoft Office.

Now this word manager application has grown from version 1.0 to date it already has many versions and the newest version is now version 15 which was released in 2013. cell phone.

Understanding Microsoft Office PowerPoint

Microsoft Office PowerPoint is one of the children’s applications from Microsoft office which is used as a presentation media in electronic form, using a Slide system with ppt, pps, pos, and pptx storage formats. In addition, Microsoft Office PowerPoint is also quite easy for students to learn, so it is no stranger today that many students present in class using Microsoft PowerPoint because, in addition to honing technology skills, it is also time to work more efficiently

Fu ngsi-function Microsoft Office PowerPoint :

  1. Microsoft PowerPoint serves as a medium or tool for presentations from beginners to workers.
  2. The presentation is presented in the form of a slide
  3. As a tool to write opinions or statements in written form.
  4. The media expresses creativity because in Microsoft Office PowerPoint the display can be arranged as attractively as possible with the available free PowerPoint templates which must be used as needed.
  5. The results of the typed material are in the form of softcopy so that it is easier to carry and store

anfaat Microsoft Office Power Point :

  1. Can speed up work/work can be completed faster. Because what will be typed is an important point for a presentation, not long-winded as long as you understand the material you are going to convey.
  2. Time efficiency, if the presentation before using Microsoft Office PowerPoint must prepare files, documents that are needed in full, and others because it takes a long time, then with Microsoft Office PowerPoint it will be faster because the writing of the material will be shortened.
  3. Sharpen the ability to choose the right words so that they are easily understood by the audience. Because the slides are typed, the slides can be filled with points or keywords from the discussion. Which during the presentation one by one the points are explained in detail by the person presenting so that the audience understands more about the meaning of the points. on slides.
  4. Presentations are not monotonous, with variants of transitions, templates, and unusual views, and presentations that are different from usual. The audience will be interested and pay attention to find out what will be discussed or how the discussion will be next.
  5. Tools to train public speaking. The points on the slides are not enough to make the audience understand the purpose of the presentation, so the person presenting can’t help but explain again. People who present often face to face and flirt with the audience to attract attention. Often speaking a lot in front of people will train public speaking initially awkward to not be awkward anymore.

So that’s the History, Definition, Functions, and Benefits of Microsoft Office PowerPoint. How, do you already understand Microsoft Office PowerPoint?

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