10 Live Wallpaper Apps For Android In 2022- Amazing Collection

Live Wallpaper Apps For Android

Every day we get bored seeing the same wallpaper. Every day we get bored seeing the same wallpaper. The only way to fix it is to change it or get a live wallpaper. Here are some best live wallpaper apps. The live wallpapers are the best option to lighten up the device but there is a catch with the live wallpapers, Live wallpaper attracted the performance of your device and drains your battery quickly. Keeping this in mind, we have found such best live wallpaper apps for android.

With battery-efficient live wallpapers you will be able to make your device more lively and appealing and that too without costing you excessive battery drain. So we have mentioned the best live wallpaper apps which you can opt for if you are bored with your usual wallpapers and as we told you these live wallpapers are optimized for battery performance so you don’t have to worry about the battery drain. 

List of Best Live Wallpaper Apps 2022

This list of best live wallpaper apps will help you to find every genre you want for your device.

1. Blob


Blob has a great collection of abstract live wallpapers of shapes and designs. By default, the users get only one live wallpaper but you can download many other live wallpapers from the application itself. There is no need to search on google every time for new live wallpaper. 

The application provides customization options as well such as you can edit color, altering the designs, and creating a completely unique design. The only problem with Blob is most of the customization options are available in the Pro version.

2. Pixelscapes

Pixelscapes is a simple and small application, it has a gorgeous collection of three live wallpapers that are animated. These pixel-based animated live wallpapers a very beautiful and filled with vivid colors. These three animated live wallpapers change automatically according to the time of the day, every wallpaper has tiny little animated elements which are very enjoyable to watch. Pixelscapes is one the of best and free live wallpapers application and yes, it is totally free, it doesn’t even show ads. 

3. Mantaray

Mantaray Live Wallpaper

As shown in the name, Mantaray live wallpaper app brings extremely stunning manta rays swimming in a randomized pattern on your display. The Mantaray application offers you some customization options such as color change so that if you start getting bored, you can try the new color. 

The application is compatible with a 60-Hz refresh rate display and if you use it on a device that has a high refresh rate, it feels a bit jittery. There is one customization option where the application lacks that is we can’t change movement patterns. 

4. Particle DNA

Particle DNA offers a live wallpaper of DNA structure that has a color accent. Rather than changing the color accent of DNA structure, it doesn’t have any other customization options. 

The best part is, it supports both orientations landscape and portrait so you can use it on your phone and tablet as well. You can try this DNA structure live wallpaper which is among the best live wallpaper apps. 

5. Galaxy Live Wallpaper

Galaxy app offers a 3D view of the galaxy and the quality of also incredible. If the user taps on the wallpaper and then swipes it lets you view the galaxy in 3D format. Galaxy app also offers different types of wallpaper with different 3D effects and makes a very sci-fi sound when you touch the display.

The application uses a bit more power of don’t worry if your battery percentage drops a bit. The Galaxy live wallpaper application is fully compatible and customizable for any mobile phone.

6. Magic Fluid Free

Fluid is a creative live wallpaper app, it offers a mixture of gas, liquid, and water effect. It looks cool when the fluids come together and form different patterns. The vivid and punchy colors of the fluid movement feel very electrifying. 

You can play for hours with this live wallpaper and it can calm down your nerves and drain your anxiety if you watch it for some time. The application is free to use but some of the customization options are locked and can be unlocked with the pro version.

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7. Starfield – Live Wallpaper Galaxy

Starfield Live Wallpaper

Starfield application visualizes the appearance of stars and presents them on the home screen of the device as a live wallpaper. The application is based on only a single theme and that is stars. As it is a dark live wallpaper, it will look damn good on a phone which has an AMOLED display. The application is absolutely free and available on the Google Play store

The best part is it comes with a ton of customization options, whenever your start getting bored with the default star theme, you can change the speed, color, density, and rotations. 

8. Matrix: Live Wallpaper

Matrix is also another great live dark wallpaper application. It comes with a very futuristic animation from The Matrix movie. The application allows the users to replicate the iconic codes of the Matrix movie to the home screen of the user. The default animation is in green color but the user can change the color of the animation. 

As in the previous application, the user can customize the appearance of characters by changing their speed, movement intensity, color, and much more. The application is free to use but shows ads and you get some more live wallpapers through in-app purchases. 

9. Dynamic Earth – Live Wallpaper

Dynamic Earth offers revolving earth as a live wallpaper along with particles circulating on its surface. Unlike the previous two applications, Dynamic Earth doesn’t have many customization options. Though the complex colors and the revolution speed is just perfect, it doesn’t need any customization. 

This is a perfect live wallpaper app that likes space themes and it doesn’t even require any tweak. 

10. Constellation

Constellations Live Wallpaper

Constellation offers a night sky with a moving, glowing stars animation that looks amazing and is completely customizable by the user. You can tweak everything including the number, color, speed of the camera, size, sparkles, and even the thickness of the connected lines.

If you love to tweak your wallpapers by yourself, this one is the best live wallpaper application to go with. 

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