Android 10 on LG G8 ThinQ

Android 10 on LG G8 ThinQ

Following OnePlus and Nokia who have already started to release Android 10 for some of their smartphones, LG also announced its LG OS Preview Program. Not surprisingly, the first handset of the brand to feature the new Android 10 is LG G8 ThinQ. The second device on the list is the LG V50 ThinQ, which should receive the first test build in November. However, unlike other companies, the beta program is only valid for users residing in South Korea.

In addition, LG has not yet committed to releasing the Android 10 testing schedule for other regions. Another important point is that the company also does not provide a forecast for the release of the final update to the public.

In a brief statement, LG just says it will hear feedback from its users and should release “a formal update by the end of the year”. Interestingly, the South Korean tech giant practically admits that its “Software Update Center” is not working properly.

Announced in April 2018, this industry aimed to broaden LG’s efforts and work with new versions of Android for various handsets. However, so far the company has only committed to some top of the line and has left the mid-range devices to the background.

Android 10 has new features such as ‘Full Gesture Navigation’ that allows you to move the home and switch apps by simply pushing the screen to the side or up. It has also enhanced security, including allowing customers to reset individual app permissions.



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