Lenovo Legion Gaming Smartphone Appears in Leaked Renders

As we know, Lenovo should also enter the smartphone segment aimed at the gamer audience with the launch of the new Lenovo Legion gaming smartphone. We’ve already earned some rumors earlier and is expected to feature new fast-charging technology.

However, the Chinese manufacturer has not yet released a date for launching the device. Even so, while the public waited, the XDA forum staff had access to promotional images where we can see the design and all the aesthetic details of the Lenovo Legion.

The first highlight of the handset is the 20MP selfie camera located at the side in a pop-up module, while the device’s 144 Hz screen has few edges. See below:

Another detail that draws attention is the rear of this device. The images make it very clear that this device is designed to be used horizontally. The rear has a dual camera sensor with an LED flash. The two cameras (64 MP + 16 MP ultra-wide) are closer to the center, with the rear adopting a flashy design with a special color scheme.

According to Lenovo itself, the Legion will have two USB-C ports so that the device can use accessories and be charged at the same time.

In addition, we also have two speakers forming stereo sound and a dual system for heat dissipation. Other specifications include:


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