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If you are fond of reality television shows, then ‘The Bachelor Season 26’ is something you should look out for. You will be thrilled to bits to know that Clayton Echard is the new bachelor in town. He is a medical representative from Eureka, Missouri. You will find 31 women vying for the attention of the handsome 28-year-old. Echard had finished in 8th position on the 18th season of ‘The Bachelorette’.

It starred Michelle Young. You can now watch the episodes on any device. Moreover, you can download Discovery Plus and watch the episodes now. You can also transfer the downloads to other devices with the keepstreams discovery plus downloader.

Now, it is possible to watch the series uninhibited with the tool. You do not need to depend on any internet connection. Moreover, you can watch content on the move, while traveling as well. Everybody knows that the internet fluctuates quite frequently while you are moving. But this makes it easy to download the series episode-wise onto your device and watch them at your convenience. You can learn how to download discovery plus, here. Start your whirlwind journey with the best downloading tool of all time.

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Show Name… The Bachelor Season 26

Ratings: 6.3 /10

Genre: Game-Show, Reality-TV Drama

Executive Producer:  Mike Fleiss

Casts: Clayton Echard (Bachelor), Jesse Palmer, Shanae Ankney, etc.


If you are hooked on reality shows, then this could just entice you. It is one of the most popular American Reality and Relationship-based shows of 2022. The audience gets to learn about Clayton Echard’s quest for love. Watch young women participating in the show, and trying to create their impression on the lone man, Echard. It is a first in the franchise that shows the bachelor holding a rose and asking about everything about the contestants’ lives. You should know a little bit about Echard’s background.

He works in orthopedic sales and has also played football at the University of Missouri, Columbia. Additionally, he has also been an employee at the Bachelor Nation Fam. The producers always wanted someone who was away from the showbiz sector and limelight.

Moreover, it has truly brought a certain freshness to the show. The show finale shows Echard proposing to Susie Evans, who rejects the proposal. Catch up with all the episodes aired, with the keepstreams discovery plus downloader. Offline viewing is trending right now, so make the most of it.


You will find Jesse Palmer replacing Chris Harrison as the show host in Season 26. The Bachelor has a tradition of weaving the best real-time love stories amongst the contestants. Palmer has also been a part of one such lover story. He believes that falling in love is a good thing to happen, as one realizes his follies and rectifies them. He says that he is really happy to be a part of this relationship show. The producers have shot the series at various locations, maintaining all the social distancing norms. The mansion from the previous series is also back in season 26.

Some of the episodes have also been shot at various resorts. Although 31 women were supposed to participate, one of them opted out at the last moment. So, the producers ultimately went ahead with 30 contestants.

The audience gets to see Echard arriving at his parent’s home, where he drops the news of being the next Bachelor on the show to his mom. All along with the show, bachelorettes get eliminated in every episode.

It is a fun watch, which sees the man of the house presenting gifts to the best contestants. The various trophies that the contestants won were the first impression rose, a rose during the date, a rose outside the ceremonial hall, and so on. All the contestants try to impress Echard in their way. So, if you all reality show buffs want to watch this over and over again, download discovery plus.

Oomph Moments

The Bachelor Season 26 is quite a drama. There were lots and lots of tears, betrayals, rose denials, and rose acceptances. There were at least 1,000 proposals of love. The show also sees its turn of controversies. Shanae Ankney was helmed as a villain when she mocked another contestant, Elizabeth Corrigan’s ADHD condition. Later on, Echard went to make a public apology to the lady. The bachelor here needed constant attention all the time.

He was saved many times, by his father. His mother just stared on. Clayton felt pretty awkward before the rose ceremony as he had to eliminate them. The guy had to stand before the stage, announcing the names that faced rejection. However, the wails kept on getting louder. And he was left with no choice, but to stand there and stare either way.

Final Verdict

If you have already watched the series on March 15, 2022, you know what happened in the grand finale. Echard chose a 28-year-old wedding videographer, Susie Evans. However, she rejected him. However, after the first live after Rose Special, it was revealed that she had started dating him and was planning to move in together in Virginia Beach.

In the finale, you can catch Echard trying to save his relationships with a few contestants. Gabby Widney and Rachel Recchia are the top contestants in question here. This is a great watch for romantics. So, get going and catch up on anything that you have missed.

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You can capture all the scenes from The Bachelor Season 26 with the keepstreams discovery plus downloader. Moreover, you can just download Discovery Plus and watch them over and over again. You can also download content from Discovery Plus directly. However, after your subscription ends, all the videos will be deleted. Therefore, it is better for you to go with the above tool, to keep watching the episodes as long as you want.

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You can use keepstreams discovery plus downloader to download and watch the episodes uninhibited. It is very easy to install and run. The steps are easy:

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Step 3 – After you locate the video, you can click on it and ‘Download Now.’

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