– Peardeck Login Comprehensive Guide Details 2023 is Pear Deck’s main training and professional development site. Pear Deck is an online tool that lets teachers make interactive presentations that get students involved in the learning process. has webinars, workshops, tutorials, and a certification program to help teachers learn how to use Pear Deck successfully in the classroom.

Pear Deck lets teachers make dynamic presentations with questions, polls, and quizzes that students can answer in real-time on their own devices. This lets teachers know right away how well their students understand, so they can change how they teach. Pear Deck also works with famous learning management systems like Google Classroom, which makes it easy for teachers to add it to the way they already work. can be used to make a Pear deck account.

Students can join Pear Deck classes by using the Join Code that their teachers give them. If the teacher has turned on these settings, students may need a Google or Microsoft Office 365 account to join the lesson.

Here’s how to use a join code to join a Pear Deck session:

  • A unique Pear Deck join code will be given to you by your teacher or presenter. Most of the time, the join code is a string of letters and numbers.
  • Go to in an online browser and visit (
  • Click the “Join Session” button in the top right area of the page.
  • Enter the join code given to you by your teacher or presenter in the space provided, then click the “Join Session” button.

Join Session

  • If asked, put your name or something else that only you know in the space given. This isn’t required, but it can make it easier for your teacher or presenter to find you during the event.
  • Click the “Join” button to join the Pear Deck session after entering your name (if necessary).
  • You can now watch the presentation on your computer and answer questions and do activities as they pop up on the screen.

All done! You were able to use a join code to join a Pear Deck event. If you have trouble joining the event, talk to your teacher or the person giving the presentation for help.

How to watch the Peardeck presentation at

  • The teacher needs to make the presentation, put it on, and give the students entry codes so they can see the presentation.
  • The teacher can put limits on what the students can do in the online class.
  • The most interesting thing is that the teacher can limit changes or other changes to the answers given by the student. This lets the teacher keep track of how the student is getting better.

Pear Deck is a great place for both kids and teachers to learn. This is a great way for teachers and students to move to a more modern way of teaching and learning.

How to Create a Peardeck Class Login Account?

We must now know how to use the pear deck to connect the teacher and the student.

  • Follow this link to go to the official site:
  • There will be a page to sign in to. Type in your login name and password.
  • Click the “Submit” button. You will now be able to see your account’s login screen and homepage.

Getting with has its Advantages

Using for professional development and training on Pear Deck has a number of perks, such as:

  1. Improved teaching skills gives teachers the knowledge and skills they need to use Pear Deck successfully in the classroom. This lets them make engaging presentations and activities that help students learn.

  1. Access to resources offers a wide range of resources, such as webinars, workshops, tutorials, and a licensing program, to help teachers improve their skills and keep up with the latest educational technology.

  1. Collaborative learning

Pear Deck lets you make presentations, quizzes, and polls that are interactive and urge students to take part and work together. gives teachers the tools they need to make these fun tasks and encourage students to work together.

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  1. Real-time feedback

Pear Deck lets teachers know how well their students are learning in real-time, so they can change their lessons as needed. gives teachers the information and skills they need to use Pear Deck well and get the most out of this feedback.

  1. Community forum has a group forum where teachers can talk to each other, ask questions, and talk about how they use Pear Deck in the classroom. Teachers can learn from each other and share the best ways to use Pear Deck in the classroom in this joint setting.

Overall, gives teachers the tools and support they need to improve their teaching skills and use Pear Deck to make learning for their students more engaging and collaborative.

Extra Information

We can’t wait to get you and your team started with Pear Deck. These tips for Administrators and Teachers will help you get started quickly.

  • Administrator Guide

extra information

  • Google Teacher Guide

Google Teacher Guide

  • Guide to Microsoft for Teachers

Guide to Microsoft for Teachers

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I sign up for

Three different methods exist to sign up for Joinpd: a 5-digit number, a link, or an email address.

What if I don’t have to use the code?

The dashboard is accessible by entering any five-digit number.

Where can I find the joined source code?

The presenter will provide the joined code to you after the talk is over.

Does Pear Deck cost anything for educators to use?

Since Pear Deck is a freemium program, both free and paid versions are available to schools and educators.

Where Can I Find My Peardeck Invitation Code? Code for

To join P.D., go to

Please enter the “5-Digit Code” from your show into your session.

When the four days are up, the code will no longer work.

After students have clicked the link to the presentation, you can also have them create a Mail ID to attend the presentation.

What is the procedure for becoming a member of PD com?

Check out

Go to and log in with the 5-character Pear Deck Code.

You can use this link to enroll students in your course. Alternatively, you can give students the link to your lesson by clicking the Give Students the Link button and then sharing or emailing that link. (Check the complete guide above).


If you’re a teacher seeking to further your professional development, is a great place to start. Access an abundance of high-quality resources like courses, webinars, videos, and articles by following the straightforward instructions in this piece. has something for everyone in the education field, from classroom teachers to principals to staff.

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