Is Link Building Still Effective In 2022?

Is Link Building Still Effective?

There are several ways to boost SEO performance. Growing the link building mass is one of them. What’s more, the presence of high-quality do-follow backlinks is one of the oldest and still one of the most important ranking factors to date. Why does Google pay so much attention to backlinks and what link-building strategy will be effective in 2022? Let’s find out why link building is important for SEO is still high this year, and how to develop a result-driving link-building tactic.

The Importance of Link Building in 2022 and Beyond

Google had always paid a lot of attention to the presence of high-quality backlinks. That is why it has developed and launched several updates regulating the relevant link-building approaches.

For example, the Jagger update announced back in 2005 was the first one to prevent dishonest webmasters from building spammy and irrelevant backlinks. The 2011 Panda update was painful for the website owners with low-quality guest post content since their positions were lowered and the owners of the links became unable to get the results as well. More recently, the 2021 Link Spam Algorithm update encourages the website owners to tag their paid backlinks as sponsored ones, and thereby, compete in the online space on equal terms.

Long story short, Google still considers the presence of backlinks the clear indicator of the content quality, and it does its best to support organic SEO backlink building as the only effective tactic. However, keeping modern SEO specific in mind and being well aware of the ways Google algorithms work, the website owners still have an opportunity to improve their SEO positions with the help of link building without waiting for the link mass to grow organically.

The Most Effective Link Building Practices to Follow in 2022

There are a lot of different link-building types and tactics but not all of them are equally effective in 2022. Below are five directions for your next link-building campaign to improve your SEO positions, boost brand recognition, improve brand awareness across social media, and acquire valuable backlinks to drive the results in the long run.

1.    Smart guest posting

Guest posting is one of the oldest link-building strategies. It works pretty simply – you have to prepare a useful piece of content, add a mention of your website with the link to it, and publish your post on the third-party platform. The latter should be reputable, have the high domain authority and belong to the same or the semi-niche.

However, in 2022 your guest posting strategy should be as smart as possible. You should choose the third-party platforms very carefully, plus ensure that the link to your website looks as organically as possible. Also, don’t overuse this tactic. The frequency of obtaining new backlinks should look natural as well.

2.    Influencer marketing

Using the best practices of influencer marketing is an opportunity to get high-quality backlinks, plus improve brand awareness. To get started with this tactic, you have to reach out to the influencers in your niche, persuade them your product or service is value-adding for their audience, and encourage the influencer to create a blog post with your business mention. This marketing strategy also works well for attracting new target users and improving sales.

To make this approach cost-effective, consider partnering with micro-influencers. They have closer relations with their audience but the cost of their help is significantly lower.

3.    Top-notch content development

Creating valuable, actionable, and useful content is the best and ever-green link-building tactic. This is the top opportunity to get the most effective organic backlinks and reach the top search results. To create such content, make sure to analyze the best-performing pieces of your competitors and find the ways to make your articles better, share more pieces of advice, support your statements with facts and stats, and guide your readers step by step. You are also welcome to add compelling graphics and engaging videos to improve on-page behavior factors.

4.    Backlinks purchase

Purchasing backlinks may seem like a black-hat SEO tactic, however, it can drive results in the long run when implemented smartly. The main rule is to collaborate with a trusted vendor which will help you with growing your backlinks mass step by step, without raising suspicions from Google and avoiding penalties.

For example, consider With the help of this service, you will be able to uncover a huge database of websites ready to collaborate and publish your guest posts. Such an approach promises to save a lot of time, avoiding the manual search for suitable platforms and discussing collaboration terms.

5.    Following the competition

Following the competition and placing your guest posts on the platforms the competitive companies use is another tactic to build more backlinks. In addition, it saves your time in searching for suitable websites. However, make sure to prepare a better content piece compared to the competitive one. Look for the unusual angles, add recent statistics and enrich your text with visuals. Check here to discover the tools you are welcome to use for effective link building as part of your SEO strategy.


Link building is still effective in 2022. What’s more, this approach isn’t going to lose its relevance. Being the oldest ranking factor, its importance will not decrease but will be reviewed in the combination with other important ones like on-page dwelling time, keywords stuffing, mobile experience, page loading speed, and bounce rate.

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