Is Docebo Worth Your Money- Best In 2021

Is Docebo Worth Your Money?

Docebo is a software as a service (SaaS) learning management system that organizations can use to train their employees, customers as well as partners. It was originally released under a GPL V.2.0 license by Docebo S.p.A with no licensing cost. However, the system now functions as a cloud-hosting program and runs version 7.5.

Docebo is known to deliver sharp design with advanced functionality and a high degree of scalability. With this tool, users can structure, distribute, and administer online learning courses, analyze results using dashboards as well as keep a track of learners’ certifications, from a single system. In addition to this, its powerful configuration engine along with the drag-and-drop feature enables you to develop audience-specific pages and get your training programs up and running in no time.

All these features together are the reason why Docebo is one of the most popular LMS in the market today. However, many organizations are still on the fence.

So, to help you decide whether Docebo is worth your money, we have listed below some key factors that make Docebo special.

From Docebo’s pricing structure to advanced features, here is everything you need to know before putting your money in any other LMS:

  1. Course Creation and Learning Methods

Docebo’s main goal is to let you create and manage online courses with ease. Thus, this tool can take care of everything, from developing course materials to generating detailed reports about each learner’s progress.

In addition to this, Docebo allows you to create two types of courses:

  • Fully Online Courses: The courses that are delivered online without any trainer or instructor. This means that students can enroll and complete the course at their own pace. They are not required to attend any instructor-led sessions.
  • Instructor-Led Training (ILT) Courses: The courses that involve instructor or trainer-led sessions. The sessions can, however, be either in the form of Docebo webinar and classroom lectures.

The Docebo Course Management option allows users to administer each course from a centralized location. Users can also customize the layout to ensure that the menu only displays relevant programs.

In short, Docebo LMS enables you to offer instructor-led training, fully online training as well virtual classroom training. You can even integrate all these formats to provide your learners with a blended learning experience.

  1. Reporting And Analysis Tools

The Docebo LMS provides users with comprehensive reports and dashboards. Administrators can use these tools to identify the learning trends prevailing within the organization. It includes certain pre-built reports which can be configured based on the needs or goals of the audience. However, organizations can also create their own reports by customizing the course fields and user data. Users can view KPIs using the customizable dashboards as well.

Another very interesting feature of Docebo LMS is dashboards for learners. Learners can use them to track their own progress.

  1. Gamification Elements

Gamification is the process of introducing game-based mechanics and features into the learning systems of the organization to create real-life experiences, similar to those of playing games. It has been known to motivate learners, resulting in increased user engagement and interaction. Docebo’s gamification features include customizable badges, leaderboards, reward points, and much more.  Administrators can create the badge however they like. You can even build a badge system that may apply to the whole organization or only to specific teams.

Administrators also have the option to distribute the badges either automatically or manually. In addition to this, the gamification elements can be shut off anytime.

  1. Pricing

Docebo follows the pay-per-active user model. This means that you will be charged a fee based on the number of users that actively log in to the system and access the course content. However, an important thing to keep in mind is that Docebo counts a monthly active user as a learner who accesses learning content within a 30-day cycle. Docebo also offers a free trial.


Docebo is one of the best LMS in the market. It comes with a robust feature set that makes the eLearning process easy for both administrators and learners. Thus, in the light of the key factors mentioned above, we feel confident to say that Docebo is 100% worth your money.

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