Invite Friends On COD Mobile To Get More Friends- Best In 2021

Invite Friends On COD Mobile To Get More Friends

In fact, there are still some players who don’t know how to add to invite friends on COD Mobile to join. Most of them are beginner players. Well, related to this, GC will share the tutorial through the following article.

It is undeniable that COD Mobile is one of the best Android war games after PUBG Mobile. This game offers super exciting gameplay complete with a variety of interesting features.

Just like PUBG Mobile, Call Of Duty Mobile also offers a multiplayer game mode. Thus, users can form a squad or team to play in real-time.

In this mode, users can communicate with other users through the conversation feature. In addition, we can also send COD Mobile stickers to reveal something. But to play this mode, we have to know how to add or invite friends to play COD Mobile.

How to add to invite friends on COD Mobile

As we mentioned earlier, this time GC will share information about additional tutorials and invite friends to play COD Mobile in Multiplayer mode. For more details, we immediately enter the discussion section below.

How to add to invite friends on COD Mobile to be happy

invite friends on COD Mobile
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Call Of Duty or COD Mobile has recently been loved by FPS game lovers. There are lots of appeals from this one war game, one of which is the Mabar feature or Play Together with other users. Well, for those of you new players in COD Mobile, here we present a tutorial on how to add to invite friends on Call Of Duty Mobile to share:
  1. First, please open the COD Mobile application on your smartphone.
  2. After that, tap the friend icon on the top right of the Homepage menu.
  3. Then you will be redirected to the friendship page.
  4. On the menu, please tap the search field and enter your user ID.
  5. Then select Search.
  6. Then you just have to wait for confirmation from that friend.
  7. If a friend responds and accepts an invitation to play, the next step is to start the game.
  8. Done.

In addition, you can also invite friends to play with Call Of Duty Mobile in other ways. The following method can be done if the friend comes back online. Here’s how to invite online friends to play COD Mobile:

  1. On the Homepage, please select the Multiplayer menu.
  2. Then tap the Friends List menu.
  3. Click the name of a friend who is online.
  4. Then wait until the friend confirms the invitation to play together.
  5. If so, you just have to follow the next instructions to start the game.

How to Solve Problems in COD Mobile

During COD Mobile, several users often experience problems, one of which is the server error. This is usually caused by an unstable internet connection. Besides that, sometimes the device does not support it which can also be the reason for problems when playing COD Mobile. Well, as a solution you can apply the following things:
  • Use a stable internet network or use Wi-Fi.
  • Delete all recent applications on the smartphone.
  • Make sure the battery is fully charged or at least 50%.
  • Avoid playing COD Mobile when your smartphone is being charged.
  • Perform regular updates.

Tips for Smoothly Playing COD Mobile Games with Friends

Then we also have some tips for those of you who like to play COD Mobile with other users. The following tips are useful for anticipating lags or breaks in the game so that they can interfere with the fun of Play Together. Here are some of these tips:
  • Use the Game Booster application.
  • Change the display graphic quality to Low Graphic Mode.
  • Use an additional Gamepad to enjoy playing or playing.
  • Make sure the internet signal is stable.


Here are the procedures for adding or inviting friends on Call Of Duty Mobile to play together. The method above is divided into two, namely adding new colleagues by entering user IDs and inviting friends through the Friend List feature.

Both methods aim to invite COD Mobile friends. In addition, GC also provides information about solutions when an error occurs or lags when playing COD Mobile.

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