How To Make Sure Your Instagram Followers Won’t Unfollow You- Best In 2021

Make Sure Your Instagram Followers Won’t Unfollow You

Followers are one of the most critical things on Instagram. They reflect so much that people admire you, are willing to trust you, enjoy your content, and respect you… and much more. 

And while followers do bring all these excellent prospects to your Instagram account, it is pretty hard to retain them. One slight mistake and your follower’s count will go down the hill overnight. 

That’s why we are here today to talk about How to make sure your Instagram Followers won’t unfollow you. Let us get started.

If you’re just starting out

If you’re new and just starting and want to gain followers fast with good retention, you’ll need to make sure you are follow-worthy.

One way, out of several others, to make yourself look follow-worthy is to psychologically give your audience an impression that you can be trusted. This can easily be done with an already good follower count. 

How to do that, you ask? Easy. Just buy real Instagram followers. But make sure it’s from an authentic site, so you don’t get spammed. Also, make sure the site offers followers with high retention rate.

Consistency is the key. 

Remember to always be consistent in your post and stories. 

Post consistently. This makes sure the algorithm always works in your favour and helps keep your audience attached to yourself. 

Just choose a day or two of the whole week and always post on those days. A pro move is to also be consistent in your time. An easy way to make sure you do not lag out is by scheduling your posts for specific times and dates using a third-party application. 

Also, make sure you post stories. However, there’s a fine line between spamming people’s Instagram stores and entertaining them. Don’t go around posting so many stories that people will be forced to skip through your stories to get to another person’s updates. 

Engagement, engagement, engagement

Making sure your followers are actively engaging with your content is very important. It gives you a clue whether your audience is enjoying your content or not, and if not, then what you need to do to improve it. 

A fairly simple way to boost engagement is to do fun challenges and campaigns, live Q/As, and giveaways. All this makes sure you create a special bond with your followers, so it becomes hard for them to unfollow you. 

You could also buy Instagram likes to make an impression of credibility upon your audience and boost engagement for algorithmic purposes. 

Don’t post uselessly.

Don’t go around posting your selfies every day. Nobody wants that. You’ve got stories for that (which, by the way, you must not use to spam people). Post things that you think will matter to people. Instagram is not just about you and about your personal / business life; it’s about people. It is about what people want and what they want to see. 

Learn to judge what people want you to post. Read comments and do Q/As. Post things that can influence people, not just entertain them. Once you start to learn to influence people, that’s when the real growth happens. That’s when it gets hard for people to unfollow you because you Influence them. 


This may come as a surprise, but the accounts with high-quality content (which also includes high-quality images and videos) show the highest amounts of follower retention. 

Always make sure that whatever you post is both meaningful and appealing to the eyes. As long as the eyes are kept satisfied, the fingers will find it hard to press the unfollow button. A simple way, especially if you’re a business account, is to hire a professional photographer or a videographer to do the job for you. You will not regret it.


And that is it for us talking about How to make sure your Instagram followers won’t unfollow you. Do remember that follower retention does not come overnight. There’s a lot of experimenting involved to find out what your followers like and what they don’t. But once you find the sweet spot, then it becomes hard to miss. 

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