6 Tips To Improve The Quality Of Animated Videos In 2021

Improve the Quality of Animated Videos

Many of you might believe that creating animated videos is a big challenge. Indeed it is, but only for those who do not strategize their plan and start producing videos without keeping some things in mind. 

Videos that are not being created properly might not draw visitors’ attention and generate leads as expected. Some might feel it is challenging to master the skill of character animation. That’s why many organizations hire animation video production companies to create awesome videos that have the power to create a video that helps you to keep your brand stand out from the crowd. 

Hiring the best agency is always the option, but if you want to give it a try and create a video that lives up to your expectations, then you are at the right place. 

Here is a look at some of the best practices that will help you succeed. 

Tips to improve character animation video quality

Let’s get started….

1- Try to be original

If you want your animated video to be powerful, then try to create an original and creative concept. If you will share your own examples and effectively express the concept, then probably you can easily help your target audience to understand what you are trying to explain. Once you provide the content as per your personas, then you can easily draw their attention and can easily build your brand identity. To get some ideas, you can observe the real-life characters and get a true feeling that hits the audience’s mind. 

2- Plan before you execute

If you want your animated video quality to be perfect, then always start with proper planning. You can start with scriptwriting, storyboard, and shortlist creation. These steps will help you to identify all small things that might not be good for your video. Once you understand the loopholes, you will create an appealing video that will further engage the audience at the next level. But make sure scriptwriting is the base of your entire video. Thus, try to add a humorous touch to your script to boost your video quality. 

3- Understand the psychology of movement 

If you truly want your video to be highly productive, do a thorough study on movement psychology. Surely, I am not asking you to do further studies, but yes, I will recommend you to do a little research. You need to understand that everything has a purpose, so once you hold the intention and create an animated video, then you will see a good boost in your engagement rate. If your video includes why, when, and how, then probably the number of shares will take a positive shift. 

4- Focus on sound quality 

Do you know that a video with good sound quality has the potential to turn more heads in comparison to the one with bad sound quality? It’s not what I say, well it’s what statistics and analytics define. When it comes to animation, sound quality matters a lot, just as colours in characters. If the sound quality is bad, then probably, visitors will face challenges in reading the content and understanding the concept much more effectively. Thus, if you want to power up the quality of your animated video, then try to focus on sound quality. 

5- Optimize video text

Producing generic videos will not help you generate results as expected, especially in this digital world where every organization is creating videos to showcase its brand. So, if you want your video to be both simple and appealing, then the text is another element that will help in achieving your goals. Once you optimize your video text, it will help the audience read your text easily and leave positive impressionism in the mind of individuals. 

Thus, try to keep your text style classy and simple. Prefer choosing bold and clear font as it will take less space besides keeping the audience hooked. 

6- Leverage b-roll 

To get outstanding results, try using B-roll correctly. To ensure you make the right decision, I would recommend you shoot a lot of b-roll footage. Once you get a lot of options, you can choose the one that complements the narration. There are various sites on which you can get a lot of stock footage. Thus, never hurry while creating a video. Take some time, do research, and film more b-roll to get the best output. 

7- Do invest in lighting

Video without lighting is just like cake without suggestion. If you do not add a proper quantity of sugar to a cake, then probably no one will eat it. Same as with videos. If you do not invest in lighting, then ultimately, you are degrading your video quality. No matter which video type you create, lighting is the most important. Thus, make sure you use accurate background soundtracks. Ignore using songs that are licensed as it might affect your video quality. 

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The Final Say 

There are thousands of strategies that can be implemented to ensure video quality. But the above-mentioned tips will help you in maintaining the desired production level that you think for. 

So, start producing a video that lets you boost your business quality and increase your sales.

Still, if you want to share some more tips or have any doubts, you can share them in the comments below. 

Happy video creation 🙂 

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