How To View Deleted Whatsapp Chats On iPhone- Best Ways In 2022

View Deleted Whatsapp Chats On iPhone

How to view deleted WhatsApp chats on iPhone? WhatsApp has now become the most popular messenger platform all over the world, but sometimes chats or messages on WhatsApp are often deleted.

Not to mention being made worse by a notification from WhatsApp which states that the WA server does not store data on user messages. Not to mention that the solution from the WhatsApp Support team itself is limited.

Not a few WA users don’t know if they can restore deleted messages or chats.

Deleted chats can be recovered in just a few days or weeks without using the app. To do it yourself, many methods can be done, ranging from paid to free.

As we know, WhatsApp offers a feature to be able to delete or withdraw messages that have been sent to the recipient. However, as recipients, we are sometimes curious about the contents of the deleted messages.

Today’s technology is indeed making it easier and making us more comfortable in communicating, especially communication over long distances.

What’s more, the chat feature makes communication more enjoyable for some people. So that we can still enjoy chatting services without regular credit.

Because we can use Wifi for free in places to eat or in public places. This is what makes the chat application one of the applications of choice that is idolized by many people.

One of the most widely used platforms is the WA application. Has a simple user interface that makes WhatsApp easier to use.

Apart from that, another interesting feature is that WhatsApp users can delete or withdraw WhatsApp messages. This is what makes WA users more comfortable using this messenger application.

However, sometimes we as recipients of messages feel curious about exactly is the content of a message that was sent but deleted again by the recipient?

To see the contents of WA messages that have been deleted by the sender, you can follow how to view deleted WhatsApp chats on the following iPhone!

How to View Deleted Whatsapp Chats on iPhone?

How to view deleted WhatsApp chats on iPhone is easy to do. We have found and summarized several methods along with the steps and stages of how to do it. Check out the complete guide below.

Viewing Deleted Whatsapp Chats Via iCloud

The first method that can be used to view deleted Whatsapp chats on the iPhone can be through iCloud. As we know that iCloud can be used as a place to backup Whatsapp messages which can be restored at the same time. As for how to recover WA chats with iCloud, you can use the following steps:

  • For starters, first, delete the Whatsapp application on your iPhone. Then install it again via the App Store. Or you can click here to download WA by AppStore.
  • After reinstalling, you can immediately open and run the Whatsapp application.
  • Login, as usual, using your mobile number.
  • Arriving at the verification stage, there will be an option where we can restore previously-stored WhatsApp messages using iCloud.
  • In the last step, select Restore in the upper right corner.

The next method will make it easier for you to see WhatsApp chats that have been deleted and have been backed up via iTunes. This method will be more effective for those of you who frequently sync your iPhone with iTunes. Check out the steps below: Viewing Deleted Whatsapp Chats Via iTunes

  • In the initial stage, you have to sync or connect the iPhone you are using with iTunes.
  • Open iTunes, then select Summary.
  • Press Restore Backup.
  • Find and select the name of the backup file where you saved the WhatsApp chat backup, then tap Restore.
  • Wait for the process to finish.

Restore iPhone WhatsApp Chats with Message Backup

Message backup may be a very important thing for some Whatsapp users. And as is known, when we back up messages, of course, they can be restored as before. How to backup and restore WA messages on iPhone?

  • In the initial stage, you have to backup your Whatsapp chat messages.
  • Open and run the Whatsapp application.
  • Tap the Settings menu » Chats » Chats Backup.
  • Before backing up/backing up messages, you can see when was the last time you backed up WA messages. If you have never backed up chats before, you can directly press Backup Now to back up important messages.
  • After your WhatsApp chat messages are backed up, Delete or Uninstall the Whatsapp application on your iPhone.
  • Only then reinstall the Whatsapp application. Click here to install WA.
  • Log in using your WA account as usual, then during the verification stage, an option will appear to restore (Restore) the old chat.
  • Agree/Agree on the Restore option, then the previously backed up chats will appear again.

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Finally, including an instant way to be able to restore Whatsapp chats on iPhone even without having to backup messages first. Restore iPhone WhatsApp Chats Without Message Backup

There is one recommended application that you can download and install to restore Whatsapp chat messages. The application is called FoneLab iPhone Data Recovery, you can download and install the application then do the following steps:

  • After FoneLab iPhone Data Recovery is installed, Connect your iPhone to a PC/Laptop.
  • Open and run the FoneLab application, select iPhone Data Recovery »  Restore From iOS Device.
  • Next, click on Start scanning.
  • Wait for the process to finish, and please don’t unplug the iPhone USB cable during the scanning process.
  • After the process is complete, you can restore deleted WhatsApp messages.
  • Click WhatsApp in the list on the left then you can see WhatsApp gradients in detail.
  • Select the deleted WhatsApp messages (highlighted in red) that you want to recover.
  • Next, just click the Restore button in the lower right corner.
  • Wait until FoneLab recovers deleted Whatsapp messages from iPhone.

Able to? Are there still difficulties? If there are still difficulties, you can write your comments in the form provided below, guys. Our team will answer it as best we can.

That’s a review of how to view deleted WhatsApp chats on iPhone using a variety of methods that are easy to try. That’s all, and don’t forget to share this article with your friends.

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